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your favorite store bought challah??

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bakery?? location??

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  1. Breadsmith in Skokie or Tel Aviv Bakery on Devon in CHicago -

    1. Fresh from Tel Aviv Bakery! Agreed!

      I also really like the Kineret brand in the freezer section of grocery stores, you bake it yourself and it's great!

      1. My husband and I love Zadie's whole wheat challah. Zadie's is a bakery in Fair Lawn, though we usually get ours from Supersol in Manhattan.

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          Zadie's is great. So is Yoiche's.

        2. Queens Pita on Main Street, great Challahs, both egg and water are amazing

          1. I'm a big fan of Gotta Getta Bagel's challah and challah rolls.

            1. If you like water challah, then the Israeli grocery on the corner of Prospect and Central Ave has the best in the 5 towns. They get it fresh from Brooklyn (don't remember if it is from Gross or Korn) where they know how to make a great water challah.

              1. Trader Joe's--slightly sweet with a good bit of vanilla. Delicious, and makes great French toast.
                Here in St. Louis, it appears to be baked in Chicago, as it is certified by the CRC.

                1. i can't believe no one has mentioned zomicks

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                    Stickey gooey poor excuse for a challah. Their water challah is small and pale. Shlomy's Bakery on Central Ave is far superior as far as challahs are concerned. Their half egg half water is much better, nice color and flavor. They also make a decent water challah.

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                      Zomick's is overrated, imo, but it's pretty good.

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                        Zomicks is excellent for making challah french toast but is way to sweet for any other purpose.

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                          Exactly, it is poor as a shabbos challah. If I have cold cuts for shabbos lunch, it is "eckeldick(sp)" to use it as a sandwich. When I cut the challah, I have to hold it with a napkin because it is so sticky. I grew up with water challah and have a hard time convincing myself that this spongey sticky cake is really a challah.

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                          i agree with all of you but i love it. but what i really meant to say was their whol wheat chalah. that is not nearly as sweet or gooey as the regular