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Aug 31, 2007 08:18 AM

Basque Country Cookbooks?

I'm looking to buy a good Basque cookbook written either in English or in Spanish. I looked on Amazon, and there were a couple of them sounded promising, but I am happy to buy them from somewhere else to ensure quality. I would love to have a book that talked a bit about the history and culture of food in the region as well. Does anyone have one that they particularly like?

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  1. The Basque: History of the World by Mark Kurlansky is a pretty interesting read with recipes sprinkled in. The author who wrote Cod, Salt, etc... read the book after returning from the Basque region... great food there!!!

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      I read this book last year and thought it was really interesting! Have you tried any of the recipes?

      I have the Basque Kitchen by Gerald Hirigoyen. It's probably more French focused than spanish though. I've made a couple things out of it(gateau basque, poulet basque, lamb with mixed nut pesto) and have found them to be good.

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        I didn't know about that book - can't wait to read it. Kurlansky is such an interesting, readable writer.

        FWIW I purchased The Basque Table by Teresa Barrenechea a few years ago on-line. It is OK, over all it just didn't excite me and the dishes I tried were OK but not worth doing again. Wouldn't recommend it.

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          Thanks for the suggestion. I'll certainly look into it. I went to the region this summer and totally fell in love with it!

        2. Bumping this thread to find out if anyone has any other suggestions for a good Basque cookbook.