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Aug 31, 2007 07:56 AM

wine tasting in Spain

Could anyone provide an American some recs for my time in Spain. I will have some Spanish friends and some English friends who will be hosting me and I would like to go to a place where there are wine/champagne/sangria tasting/flights. If we could get bottles (I could pay for it), I am thinking I woudl be willing to spend right around 75 euros

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  1. Spain is a large country... where exactly are you going to be?

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      both in the Madrid and Barcelona areas

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        Are you looking for visits to the wine country or places with good wine flights in town?

        In Barcelona, there's a cool little wine bar on Calle Argentina in the Barri Gotic right at the front door of a big church that has a great wine list and sells many of them by the small taste.

        Barcelona is also right next to where most Cava is made and just south of some very impressive red wines. We visited Castillo Perelada just outside of Figures. A beautiful castle with great wines ranging from cavas, to interesting light white and red blends, all the way up to very impressive reds that cost upward of 100E. If you don't mind laying down some cash, they have a very nice resort just outside of the town as well as a very swank casino in the castle. Straight out of a James Bond flick. Ancient tapestries on the walls, crazy french high rollers with fancy suits. I was half expecting to see some dude in a white dinner coat with a patch over one eye. We were fortunate enough to get the industry hook up since I serve their wine at my restaurant or would not have been able to afford the experience. Mind you, you can likely get a tour and a tasting for little or nothing.