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Aug 31, 2007 07:54 AM

Venice, Florence & Rome - Help!!!

We’ll be traveling to Venice, Florence and Rome on
Sept. 18th – 24th.

Any assistance in local restaurant choices
(any meal – including small café’s) are appreciated.

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  1. In Rome, we loved Da Sergio (near Campo di Fiore). It's a tiny, casual place with a few inside tables and several outside on the alleyway, where we sat. Great salume for our antipasto, excellent pastas. Very tasty grilled sausage with greens.

    Also in Rome, we enjoyed Pierluigi, on the airy Piazza di Ricci. Tons of outdoor tables under huge umbrellas. The menu was a bit more upscale and we had some wonderful pastas and veal dishes.

    In Florence, if you're meat eaters, Il Latini is great fun - an endless supply of the house chianti, incredible amounts of tasty food and the good spirits of your fellow diners make for a wonderful meal. There's no menu to speak of - they just ask you a few questions about your preferences and then start bringing the food. And more wine. And dessert, with its own wine, and the price about 45 euros per person, no matter how much you eat/drink. Reservations are important. They have 2 seatings - 7:30 and, I think, 9:30. People start to line up outside the place around 7:00, whether or not they have reservations. When the doors open, the proprietor asks the party's name. If they have reservations, they're shown in; if not, they leave their name and step aside. Once all the reserved parties are seated, folks without reservations are let in to fill in the blanks. GO!

    We enjoyed Trattoria Boboli in Florence for a simple lunch. Two of us split a portion of lasagna for an appetizer, then had a small(ish) Florentine steak with fries for him, veal with porcini mushrooms for me. Pleasant little place, unpretentious, small menu. I'd definitely go back if I could find it again. I can't tell you the location - we were simply wandering the neighborhood and it looked like the right place for lunch. It was.

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      This is exactly the kind of info. we hoped for in our posting. Thanks so much for your recommendations.

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        Trattoria Boboli is at Via Romana, 45/R. Lovely place!

      2. Check out Harry's Bar in Venice. When you get to the square it is located behind the left corner of the square. Excellent Risotto and Belinnis. Nice history also. I remember in Florence we had steak, which you do not find in alot of Italy. Rome has great pizza restaurants. Sorry I do not know many names of restaurants.

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