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Aug 31, 2007 07:50 AM

Greek in Philly

I am in search of great Greek restaurants not too far from University City (within 15 minute cab ride would be optimal). I've heard about Dmitri's and that is first on my list. Other places I should try? I've had trouble finding recs on the board and searching elsewhere. I'm half Greek so I like the traditional fare. I tried Greek Lady but thought it was just OK.

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  1. Estia on Locust just off Broad (expensive) and Effie's on Pine Street near 12th (very reasonable).

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    1. re: Beulah

      What about South Street Souvlaki?

      South Street Souvlaki
      509 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

      1. re: CookieMonster

        Dmitri's is excellent.
        Estia is superb BUT very pricy.

        1. re: CookieMonster

          I happen to like South Street Souvlaki, but a Greek friend of mine once called it the "McDonald's" of Greek food. I still go there but I crack up (silently) every time. I have to cast my vote for Dmitri's (the original at 3rd and Catherine, haven't been to the other location).

        2. re: Beulah

          effie's is lovely, it has a reasonably traditional menu and good food. there's a diner near there, logan diner (10th and spruce) and is owned/run by greeks. a nice hole in the wall joint, not traditional, but nice.

        3. Zorba's in the Art Museum, Fairmount & 21st(maybe?)

          1. Estia is very expensive BUT -- they have a pre-theater prix fixe that is about $30 - gives a choice of a couple of their wonderful fish, a couple of simple appetizers and a dessert.