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Aug 31, 2007 07:42 AM

burritos in manhattan

I'm looking to try some good burrito joints in manhattan that aren't too expensive (like not more than $10 for a burrito, cheaper is better). i haven't found much in manhattan that really impresses me. i like la taquiera in brooklyn a lot, but beyond that i haven't had really good burritos in this town. any tips? i've heard good things about pio maya on 8th street? what about burritos that are more eaten with the hands than knife and fork? any tips on that? thanks!

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  1. This sounds crazy, but the fried burritos at Los Dos Molinos rock!

    1. I love San Loco on St. Marks Place.

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      1. The burrito may be my favorite foodstuff. And much as it pains me to say it, Chipotle is probably the best "eat with your hands" burrito in NYC. Pio Maya is tasty, but it's a knife-and-fork burrito and you have to argue with them to put the guacamole inside the burrito. I also like Downtown Bakery, but they don't have whole beans. The Calexico cart is decent, but they have very limited hours.

          1. I would recommend Cosmic Cantina on Third Avenue near 10th Street. This is their third outpost (they have two in North Carolina). Tasty burritos you can eat with your hands and reasonable prices.

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              Cosmic Cantina is pretty decent, though their salsas are weak.

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                i enjoy lupe's, on the corner of 6th ave/watts st. YUMMY burritos! not hand-friendly, though...