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Aug 31, 2007 07:34 AM

Recs Near Hyde Park Area?

Visiting a friend in Austin this weekend who lives in the Hyde Park historic district. Any recommendations in/near the area? Looking for a good breakfast spot, a couple of casual lunch spots, and not too expensive (under $20/plate) dinner places with nice atmosphere. Places with good margaritas a plus.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Asti........better to make reservations. The white pizza is delish.
    It has truffle oil on it! Yummy!!!

    1. No place good for breakfast but a drive up Burnet will find Austin Diner, Frisco Shop and Omelletry. All good in that order. Hyde Park Bar and Grill is still a good choice for lunch.

      1. for breakfast, Quacks Bakery is wonderful! lots of fresh baked goodies every morning. try the chocolate ginger cookie sometime... mmmm. i have never tried their sandwiches, but they do have a menu beyond bakery items (for lunch/ dinner). friendly folks too!

        1. Julio's has excellent margaritas. (the mexican martinis are also real good, and strong). They are right across the street from mother's. right around the corner from quack's. This is a nice lunch spot as well. The menu is kind of limited, and they only take cash. The avenue B. grocery makes good sandwiches for a lunch takeout.

          1. NeWorlDeli has wonderful soup and sandwiches over towards campus a bit from Hyde Park. I agree with the Quack's and the Asti suggestions. Hyde Park Bar and Grill is just kind of middling to average to me, but fills a gap if you're in the mood for comfort mom's house types of food. They do usually have a couple good beers on draft, which earns them extra bonus points with me. Dolce Vita has great after dinner desserts and cordials. I love a good Pimm's Cup.