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Aug 31, 2007 06:48 AM

Pignoli Cookies in Washington Heights?

Hi all,
I'm a longtime chow lurker, but new poster to the boards here. I'm also a new implant to chowhound dreamtown, NYC. Just started working up at Columbia-Presbyterian, and one of my colleagues is having an awfully tough day. For me, tasty pignoli cookies are the cure to pretty much everything, so wondering if anyone knew of a good Italian bakery nearby?

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  1. With your pignoli cookie diagnoses, you're my kind of doctor. I have my doubts about their availability _in_ Washington Heights, but if you round up the colleagues for a field trip you can head not too far across the Harlem River to pignoli cookie heaven in the Bronx. On Arthur Av and on 187th st. there are several Italian bakeries that do everything right -- just look in the blue Zagat Marketplace guide: DeLillo, Egidio, Madonia, etc. In bocca al'lupo!