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Aug 31, 2007 05:46 AM

Best Tampa Bay sliders?

The St. Pete Times ran a story the other day about sliders
and that got me wondering where you can get them around Tampa Bay.

I've had the kobe sliders at Fly in downtown Tampa (excellent but pricy) and the Brisket Basket in St. Pete (also quite good and pretty cheap) but does anyone know of other places?

Ricky T's in Treasure Island has them on the menu, so I plan to try those this Labor Day weekend (any excuse to go to the beach!). I've heard someone's selling White Castle burgers at Channelside, but haven't checked those out yet.

Anyone else know a good slider? Other than the one Devil Rays pitcher David Kazmir throws, of course....

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  1. David Kazmir? Is that Scott's brother?

    Just funnin with you Bergerman.

    I also heard that the sliders at Channelside are pretty good. On a different note, and not to highjack your slider thread, I had lunch today at the new Five Guys at the new Pinellas Square mall. Food was good but I thought the burger was a little overpriced.


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      That's what I get for making any kind of baseball reference! At least I didn't call him cashmere.....Anyway, hijack away!

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        AHA John. But did they have that hand held love of those on 5th Avenue?

      2. The sliders at Splitsville(In Channelside) are very good and tasy!

        1. The beach was great, the sliders not so much. $10 for 6, kinda dry, the cheese only half-melted, the buns not soft enough and there wasn't much flavor. The fried pickles are better....but that's a different thread.

          1. They have pretty good sliders @ BJ'S brewery in Citrus Park. I think there's 2 more locations in Tampa Bay. They brew their own beer, yum!

            1. The Kobe Beef sliders at Cafe Ponte are an indulgence, but hard to beat. Great flavor.

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                I know it's a chain but those (4) Mini Cheeseburgers at Ruby Tuesday are really good... They have a dash of Q sauce on them and an onion ring... Fries that come with it are great...