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Aug 31, 2007 03:58 AM

Dovercourt Village picks

Just moving to the neighborhood, near the 24-hour Sobeys. I already noted the Ethiopean restaurants (score!) and the Nicaraguan place, not to mention the bulk food store, the farmers' market and at least one all-day breakfast stop. (The numerous butchers and sausage shops aren't much use to me, since I'm veg.)

Still, I'm looking for:

-a decent bakery
-a proper coffee shop (not the Coffee Time on Bloor W.)
-a Chinese and/or Vietnamese restaurant, preferably with delivery
-a pizza place

What are your fave neighborhood spots, or your nearby destinations?

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  1. Little One,

    Where is Dovercourt Village? Is it close to Totonto? If so, I recommend Pho Phuong.


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    1. re: HarryLloyd

      Sorry, the rental guy said that was the name of the neighborhood - maybe it's not as widely known as I (and he) thought... It's the Bloor West/Ossington area.

      1. re: piccola

        The stretch of Bloor from Christie to Dufferin is commonly known as Bloorcourt Village. Then Bloordale Village from Dufferin west.

        There are a couple of Portuguese bakeries west of Ossington on Bloor. Both places offer table service, not sure how good their coffee is. For pizza, try Pizza Roma on Bloor, one block east of Dufferin - their stuff is really good.

        The only Chinese place I can think of in that area is awful, but I'd bet that Rice and Noodle deliver that far north (they're at Queen & Lansdowne). Can't think of any Vietnamese places that deliver.

    2. what nicaraguan place? name? anything??

      i've started going to that area much more these days and am falling in love with pho phuong (they do delivery) for viet and as the best viet in the city. a lof of the apps are fantastic and they do the duck noodles i love just right. at dundas and brock.

      there's a brazil bakery nearly right across the street fom them that i just recently dropped into and really enjoy! their natas are a little between the cantonese versions and the portugese versions. not overly sweet and the shell is much more crisp than venezia. been slowly working my way through their breads but got stuck on the brioche in a bag when making croque madames at home. i hope to try their in house version that they sell in the tins!

      loooooove the flat donut like things they claim to be like churros (nothing like that)... so delicious. i just wish i knew when they make them fresh.

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      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        the nicaraguan place is La Bella Managua. It's pretty decent food.

      2. Not sure what your parameters are for Dovercourt Village, but for coffee you could head a bit north to Faema (Dupont/Christie) or a bit south to Gato Nero (College/Shaw). When I lived around there we couldn't do much better than Nova Era for bread. I believe there are a couple in that area. Maybe something new has moved in since?

        Anyways, I lived around there for many years and absolutely loved it. Hope you settle in nicely.

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        1. re: littlegreenpea

          I'm at Dupont and Ossington which is right in your area and I enjoy Universal Grill which is right across from the Sobey's. For coffee there's also Ezra's Pound at Dupont and Spadina. Faeme at Dupont and Christie is known as a coffee/cake/gelato place mostly I think but they actually have very good pizza's. Enjoy!

          1. re: JennyBenny

            Oooh thanks! Now I know where to buy pizza to bribe my friends into helping me paint ;-)

        2. Some spots I like on Bloor between Crawford and Dovercourt:
          -Rikishi (just east of Shaw) has a huge vegetarian sushi selection, but it's not fast.
          -Concord Cafe (btwn Concord & Delaware) has good espresso & friendly people.
          -Pam's Caribbean Kitchen (btwn Delaware & Dovercourt) for take out roti & doubles.
          -and Banjara (at Crawford) for Indian takeout and great aloo gobi.
          Welcome to the neighbourhood!

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          1. re: West ender

            Thanks - I hadn't thought to ask for Indian, but I'm glad there is some. I have to admit the Ethiopian restos sold me on the neighbourhood...

            1. re: piccola

              Really good thin crust Pizza at Roma Restaurante corner Gladstone (1 blk. east of Dufferin)Excellent "Roma" Salad as is more than adequate but less than great. Large patio is a very lively spot in the evenings but have also gone for lunch with grandchild and they are great with kids.

          2. Vietnamese on ossington just a bit north of queen called Rua vang/Golden Turtle. Not fancy, but fantastic esp any pho dish, and even a great pad thai. On the corner of Argyle.