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Aug 31, 2007 12:27 AM

best fried chicken

hi hounds,
where would u guys consider to have the best fried chicken in los angeles???....

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  1. pann's on la tijera and la cienega!!!!!!!!!

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    1. re: echo eater

      Actually went to Panns last night and had the 6 wing dinner. The Split pea soup was very good. The 6 wings while very meaty were kind of missing the flavor that I like in Fried Chicken. It tasted rather bland to me. The sides of french fries were just OK and the cole slaw ( I went traditional as you can see ) was creamy with a hint of pineapple. The corn bread muffin was dry and stale and the butter and honey did not even wet it up a bit. On the other hand my dining companion had the Brisket Dinner from this months Smokehouse Special. Now that dinner tasted good. All in all Albertsons, Popyee's, Lousiana, Furaibo ( great place ) are way much better IMO. Perhaps everyone has a different palate. Rosecoes Blows it away too. The service was brisk and friendly and based on all the Panns recs on the board I was kinda let down. However, I am a hound and the search for good food everywhere will continue. Just not at Panns for Chicken. I had a burger there 3 years ago and that was a much better experience..

    2. You might want to check this topic from August 18 out since it has the Exact Same Title.
      Good hunting!

      1. Honey Kettle in Culver City...

        It's so yummy! or Furaibo Teppansaki Chicken wings

        My bf and I tried Kyo-Chon fried chicken recently... good but not worth the wait or the money.

        1. Lately, I've really enjoyed the chicken at LARKINS in Eagle Rock.
          Spicey, for sure, and I think it's a cornmeal southern crust. Good Stuff.

          1. I fear that I may get booted off the board for this, but my wife loves Albertson's fried chicken, especially when it's really fresh. I have to admit -- it's pretty good.

            Personally, I like going to Roscoe's for chicken and waffles, but that's partly due to the novelty of chicken and waffles in the same meal. Frankly, their chicken alone is not consistent enough to rank as the "best" in LA.

            I've heard very high compliments about Kyochon in K-Town and Furaibo.

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            1. re: glutton

              Heck I like the Albertsons Chicken as well and have posted that fact before on this board. You can get out of the "chicken closet" its alright. Actually the KEY is When its fresh. You can tell as you can smell it walking by the deli counter.

              1. re: Foodandwine

                Totally agree with this advice -- getting the chicken fresh at Albertson's is key. I also love their creole potato salad.

              2. re: glutton

                I just bought the fried chicken at Porky's on Manchester in Inglewood last Saturday. They make/sell Golden Bird fried chicken and it was as good as I remember (which I won't claim is "the best," but it's pretty good). The chicken was fresh and they threw in 4 pretty nice biscuits. I ordered 8 pieces (some were big), a side order of fries and potato salad; I don't know why I got the 4 biscuits with my order, but I was pleased when I got my order home. Their menu also has waffles included, so you might check them out if you are a fan of the waffles and chicken combination.

                1. re: Feed_me

                  I vote for Golden Bird's chicken also - from Porky's. To me, that's da best.