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Aug 31, 2007 12:04 AM

Inexpensive catering in Seattle

I belong to a nonprofit organization and we're looking for catering ideas for our holiday/awards banquet. It would be for about 150 guests, but the problem is our budget -- we only have about $10-20 per person. I know this is a longshot, but does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. You might find what you need here:

    They're located in Bothell (in the Country Village). We go there sometimes for their Snoqualmie ice cream, even if the owner is a bit of a jerk.

    These guys might also fix you up with something in your price range too:

    1. If casual is okay, I've had GREAT service from Porter's Place. Exactly on time, on budget, good food, nice staff - and they'll be in your price range with an assortment of BBQ (and veg) items. If you don't recognize the name (aka Dixie's)- they are the home of 'the man' BBQ sauce and have outlets at Safeco, in Tacoma and Bellevue. They cater from the Tacoma location - but will set up anywhere in the greater Seattle area.


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        Also call up the community college's culinary school's often they do catering for much cheaper then the for profit businesses.

      2. I went to an event last year that was catered by Husky Deli in West Seattle. The food wasn't fancy, but it was good, and nicely presented. I know the nonprofit that was sponsoring it had a pretty tight budget, so these folks must be reasonably-priced.

        1. Does the $10-20 include your tax and service charge etc. etc.? Remember that that could add an additional 30% to your invoice.

          Assuming that tax and tip are NOT included, Pyramid Catering has impressed me with their price point/value in the past.

          Also, I'd be sure to mention that you are a non-profit to see if they offer any price breaks because of it. But around the holiday or peak wedding seasons, maybe not.

          1. I second the community college culinary program ideas.

            Also, possibly Fare Start. Nice to support them, as well:

            The other thought that I had was Skillet. I have not eaten there so maybe suggesting them is a massive chowhound no-no. But someone posted about them last week and it sounded great. Don't know that they do straight up catering but check them out: I've been doing some back and forth with them to figure out how to get the Airstream to come to my workplace (downtown and a massive headache) and they seem really helpful and friendly. Good luck!