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Inexpensive catering in Seattle

I belong to a nonprofit organization and we're looking for catering ideas for our holiday/awards banquet. It would be for about 150 guests, but the problem is our budget -- we only have about $10-20 per person. I know this is a longshot, but does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. You might find what you need here:

    They're located in Bothell (in the Country Village). We go there sometimes for their Snoqualmie ice cream, even if the owner is a bit of a jerk.

    These guys might also fix you up with something in your price range too:

    1. If casual is okay, I've had GREAT service from Porter's Place. Exactly on time, on budget, good food, nice staff - and they'll be in your price range with an assortment of BBQ (and veg) items. If you don't recognize the name (aka Dixie's)- they are the home of 'the man' BBQ sauce and have outlets at Safeco, in Tacoma and Bellevue. They cater from the Tacoma location - but will set up anywhere in the greater Seattle area.


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        Also call up the community college's culinary school's often they do catering for much cheaper then the for profit businesses.

      2. I went to an event last year that was catered by Husky Deli in West Seattle. The food wasn't fancy, but it was good, and nicely presented. I know the nonprofit that was sponsoring it had a pretty tight budget, so these folks must be reasonably-priced.

        1. Does the $10-20 include your tax and service charge etc. etc.? Remember that that could add an additional 30% to your invoice.

          Assuming that tax and tip are NOT included, Pyramid Catering has impressed me with their price point/value in the past. www.pyramidcatering.com.

          Also, I'd be sure to mention that you are a non-profit to see if they offer any price breaks because of it. But around the holiday or peak wedding seasons, maybe not.

          1. I second the community college culinary program ideas.

            Also, possibly Fare Start. Nice to support them, as well: http://www.farestart.org/catering/men...

            The other thought that I had was Skillet. I have not eaten there so maybe suggesting them is a massive chowhound no-no. But someone posted about them last week and it sounded great. Don't know that they do straight up catering but check them out: www.skilletstreetfood.com I've been doing some back and forth with them to figure out how to get the Airstream to come to my workplace (downtown and a massive headache) and they seem really helpful and friendly. Good luck!

            1. If your place wants all Thai, then http://www.kaosamai.com/ in Fremont will bring their Thai truck to your location and cook meals onsite. You have to decide on 3 choices. Buffet style, but around $10/person; the food is delicious and the people are so nice.

              1. Here's another suggestion: That Brown Girl Catering. I work for a nonprofit and we use them frequently.


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                  I've had their food a few times and it was always excellent and creative. I can't speak to price, though.

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                    The prices are very reasonable. I think everything is posted on their website.

                2. I second the recommendation for Husky Deli, they have a pretty good selection, and are very reasonable. No servers required (unless you want them) so that will cut down on costs. They deliver all over, and have good basic food. Awesome ice cream, too. www.huskydeli.com, 206-937-2810.

                  1. Husky Deli is as inexpensive as can be; check out their website. The quality is good. The choices are fairly run-of-the-mill, which means it will please the largest numbers of people.
                    I had a more inexpensive meal at a wedding catered by Renton Vocational food program. It was even more run-of-the-mill but still very acceptable, and unbelievably low-priced.

                    1. I suggest Araya's Vegetarian Place (Thai; U district) or Maya's Mexican Catering (http://mayasrestaurant.com/index.htm). The food from both isn't super-foodie-fancy, but whenever we've used them, they always seem to give us twice as much food as we thought we'd paid for. Plus, the staff at both are super nice. (I work at the UW and in the past 5 years, we've used both places at least 10 x [Araya's] and 5 x [Maya's] respectively.) Highly recommended!