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Has anyone been? its on north lamar and morrow (across from kim phung, which im sure many will know)

since i live in crestview and like to support new family run places close by...fuegos is for sure that. its owned and run by a family who moved from CA, the husband does most of hte cooking and his wife helps as well... and their two children do the hosting and waiting usually (warning: service can be only fair at times...) also, unfortunately, this place has a horrible location and access, along with in my opinion a very "odd" menu selection...and frankly pretty bad atomsphere...but cutting to the chase here, there are several food items ive really enjoyed several times, and seem to be different than many other places in austin (which as i am finding through just joining a food forum as this one, i am no EXPERT to austin places like others who post here, but looking forward to improving my knowledge)

so my recs for fuegoes: ahi steak sandwhich (reminds me of Malibu Seafood on PCH in CA), calimari, burger is pretty good (kind of a mix b/w a fat burger and in&out burger...CA burger joints) and the shrimp wrap

so just seeing if anyone else has been and enjoyed their food, and if not why? i know ive been w/ family/friends and they have really not liked certain items and really liked others...so just want to see what others out there thought or if anyone else has even been there

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  1. My family and I have been here several times, and we always really enjoy it. The selection is indeed unusual, but it's all really good. I love that the sauces (from salsa to jalepeno tarter sauce, plus salad dressings, etc) are clearly homemade. We eat out pretty frequently, and we find things here we've never seen on other menus, and which we really enjoy. Some healthy, some decadent, but always something that really hits the spot.
    And the family that owns is is delightful. The food is great, and I feel good about supporting a great mom and pop enterprise.

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      Please elaborate on what you've liked.

    2. I've eaten there a few times. Its pretty good. Highlights

      1) The al pastor burrito
      2) the Fuego Burger
      3) The Fish tacos

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        headed there tomorrow. Thanks for the recs.

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          It sounds like they had a family emergency and needed to close down for a couple of days. They said that they're working on getting additional staff but that it's hard to do with slow business.

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            I will try to go this week... just going to call first. Hopefully it will be open.

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              I'm fairly sure I saw the open sign lit when I passed by this weekend.
              Also interested in this place as it's close - but - this does bring up a point I find frustrating when scouting new places.
              Why don't more restaurants have their menu online?
              I am as brave as any for trying new places but I have never gone in cold without some idea of what to expect. Either I read a good writeup or I see a menu. You would think that the relatively cheap cost of even the worst website would be worth the business. Heck, if you can't afford the hosting just create a myspace page. :)

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                I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I was not supposed post a recommendation, being that I'm a friend of the family.

                Anyway, here's the URL for the menu that you requested:


                Again, it's still a work in progress, so some items are subject to availability and changes to the menu may happen in the near future.

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              they had to shut down for several days so that they could dig a draib line and chip concrete for a new soda dispenser....they are open, and good, m

        2. The reviews of Fuegos are so very interesting (here and on the web in general) that we decided to try it out for lunch today. Imagine my horror when there was a sign on the door that read "Closed Until Further Notice".

          Does anyone know anything about this? This place is located at 7600 Lamar just south of 183, right?

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            Dang! I was going to go yesterday too and last minute decided on Tomo (which I regretted)

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              Hot Off of the Presses... I'm happy to report that Fuego's has re-opened... I stopped in today, though I didn't eat I can confirm that they are open . Phone 524-1164 for hours'n'such.

          2. man this place is great. Try the enchiladas. I have gone back several times just to feed my addiction to those sauces. YUM!

            The best part about this place is the BYOB! Yep and there is a liquor store next door!
            I love this place

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              We went today for lunch and are also impressed. The crab enchilidas were a special and good if not a little bland (but the included salsa helped). The al pastor nachors were a winner and the side Cochinita Pibil taco was super. We'll be back.

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                I'm thrilled with this place! We started witht he soup and also shared a huge burger that taste great and they will cook it to your desired level of doneness - it's called a Fuego Fat burger and for good reason - a grilled onion slice, a large tomato slice, bacon, lettuce, tomatoe, cheese with a thousand island type dressing which was very good (I'm not usually a fan of thousand island). We also tried the crab enchiladas with a lovely red chile sauce and queso fresca.

                The place is small and clean, the service great. There will be a review on them in the Chronicle tomorrow.

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                  I had the burger today for lunch and it didn't wow me other than its size. The meat while cooked to order just wasn't beefy enough and despite all the other stuff on the burger--onions, bacon and cheese I just didn't get the flavor explosion in my mouth. My friend had the fish tacos and said they were mighty tasty.

                  I look forward to eating more of the menu.

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                      You all know I've been meaning to try this place for a while and why I waited until the day after the review is beyond me. Anyhow, our Friday Gang decided to brave the crowd. We just barely made it in time for the last table. The two waitstaff were overwhelmed but were real troopers. They finally started serving a quickly made salsa and chips to the tables that had been waiting a while. Could tell it was fresh out of the blender, but was good nonetheless. Chips were just right on the thick/thin no grease balance.

                      Two in the party had the Ahi Tuna Sandwiches, seared. Thick ahi steaks, seared as ordered. Both said it was one of the better meals they'd had in a while.
                      Hubbers had the fish tacos (something he'd never order) and asked for the tarter on the side (he hates mayo type sauces). Arrived with tarter inside and he gobbled them up. Go figure.

                      I had the special crab enchiladas. Although mine obviously sat for a while, it was still very good and had so much crab meat that on the last two, I just left the corn tortilla and just ate the crab and sauce.

                      The two sauces in squeeze bottles were addictive. I especially liked the green one.

                      The nachos that went by for another table were humongous and smelled wonderful. An absolute try (and share) at the next visit.

                      Good find, Crackersaywhat. I'm afriad they'll be packed a lot now. Whished I had gotten over there before they were discovered by the masses.

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                        Three of us from work just got back, we have been before (before they closed temporalily). We loved this place before they closed and i am here to report that they are just as good. Two of us got the Al Pastor burrito with everything. Huge, fresh, tasty. the red and green sauce are awesome. Third person got three tacos al pastor. he didn't say anything at all during meal, which means he probably like them. We'll be back.

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                          We saw the burrito pass by with an order of nachos. Both of them were gi-normous!!!

              2. We went for lunch and had the crab enchiladas and the ahi sandwich. Both entrees were excellent. The sandwich came with a Caesar salad and my enchiladas came with rice and beans. The salad was heavily dressed (just the way my husband likes it) and flavorful. The delicious red and green table sauces really enhanced rather bland rice and beans.

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                  Went on Friday night with a six pack of tecate, which was a bonus in of itself. We had to wait for about 10 minutes which gave us time to crack a beer, watch the kitchen work and see plates of food has they made their way to the tables. The staff was super friendly. I gathered they were a brother and sister team. My bf settled on the Shrimp Caesar Wrap with onion rings and I ordered the fish tacos per the hostess’s recommendation. Both dishes were delightfully fresh. A little squeeze of the red sauce at the table added some heat to my tacos, which I think are some of the best I have had in Austin. We were so pleased at the end of our meal. We almost went back on Sunday night. I have a feeling we are going to become regulars there!

                2. finally went today for lunch and the woman at the front said the chronicle article really helped boost business.i had the crab enchiladas which were quite good and saw a man get a lardge ahi tuna steak salad,was told some of the special will be added to the menu soon. the breakfeast sounded good too as they have lemon ricotta pancakes.very friendly staff.this is a sure winner.just wish they were larger as it can get crowded fast.

                  1. The wife and I have been to Fuegos several times in the last week. This is a great find. Their menu is a little schizophrenic (its not often you find lemon ricotta pancakes, carnitas tacos, hamburgers and ahi sashimi on the same page), but so far every thing I have tried has been executed extremely well. My wife (a yankee who hasn't embraced Mexican food with the vigor that I do as a native Californian) loves this place. "If I was raised on Mexican food like this I would I would love it as much as you do".

                    On our first trip we ordered every taco they had in order to get a feel for the place, and it was indeed difficult to pick a favorite. Taco meat is generally cubed and well seasoned with just enough grease to make you happy rather than making a mess. Our favorites included the al pastor and carne asada (they were out of carnitas that day, generally my favorite).

                    On our second trip I ordered the beef enchiladas, and was pleased to find the meat they used was not the typical ground beef, but the cubed asada (or fajita?) meat we had on the tacos. The enchiladas were covered with red sauce and queso fresco (rather than melted american or cheddar). Of note was the excellent refried beans and rice, which had a fluffy texture that where each grain of rice is separate from the other. I caught myself at the end of the meal stuffing my face with the rice from my wifes plate, but continued nonetheless.

                    As far as future visits go, I'm saving their carnitas frenchfries dish (which aptly is french fries covered with carnitas) for a monster hangover cure. Just couldn't justify it on a Tuesday night.

                    I was happy to see Fuegos reviewed favorably in the Chronicle recently, and from the looks of these posts diners have experienced crowds as a result. Our 2 visits found the restaurant fairly quiet, but hopefully Fuegos gains traction and stays with us for a while.

                    1. Hubby and I also decided to venture out to Fuegos about a week ago. Mixed review from us I have to admit. He had the crab enchiladas of which there wasn't a spec of food left on the plate. I had enchiladas - ordered one chicken, one cheese, one beef to get the widest variety on one visit. Chicken was seasoned well, big chunks, super moist. Cheese was good - not too melty or too overpowering. The beef however, it was carne asada - was awful. It was tough, gristly, fatty -- I ate one bite and that did it. I'll definitely try again, but I may skip the beef enhcilada. Rice and beans got favorable reviews from both of us, and DH was thrilled to see Horchata on the menu. He drank 3 glasses!

                      We arrived around 6 pm and grabbed one of the last tables. By the time we left, there was quite a wait. I wish them luck. We'll be back to try a few other items....

                      1. We went to Fuegos this a.m. (10:30) - 4.5 of 5 stars. The fish tacos with jalapeno tartar sauce 5 stars. A very nice whitefish (roughy-esque, not fried) well seasoned atop a lovely tartar sauce spread over a corn tortilla, topped with a combo of nicely lightly dressed cabbage and pickled purple onions - a lovely combo with a spritz of lemon. the Pastor on Corn - 4 stars. Small bits of pork, nicely seasoned - a tad dry. But tasty. Two patrons at separate tables were grubbing the eggs rancheros and were so excited as to recommend them to us and praise the kitchen aloud. They were packed plates and delicious looking loaded with veggies / pico, the crumbly white cheese, avocado, 3 overeasy eggs, and all atop 3 corn tortillas. Next Time!!. This is a clean, unpretentious, and high quality restaurant. Service - 5 stars. The lovely hostess is very enthusiastic about the food, as should she be. Menu - yes, a little schizophrenic. The french toast also got high marks from another patron near us. Real french bread and the batter has orange juice, cinammon, etc. explained the hostess. She also highly recommended the seared ahi sandwich!

                        1. I just went here today and it was quite good. The service is great and the hostess/waitress is very enthusiastic and friendly. I like how the kitchen is out in the open and you can see everything in progress.

                          I had the sesame calamari and my dining companion had the carne asada fries. The calamari was very light-tasting for it being fried--it was actually fairly thick strips of the calamari "steak" (no tentacles), lightly fried and accompanied with three dipping sauces. Tasty, but I thought it was a little skimpy for the $8.50 charge and its presence on the entrees menu.

                          My companion's carne asada fries were a very original combination of thick-cut fries, shredded monterey jack (I think) cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pico, cilantro and perfectly spiced beef. They were more than enough for her to get full on and me to finish up and end up satisfied with the meal. I'd say it was pretty close to heaven on a plate.

                          I really can't wait to try more of the selections here. The location really is pretty bad, as coming north on Lamar we had to make an illegal u-turn and cut off a driver merging onto Lamar from 183. However, I don't think they will be at that location long. The quality of their food and the fact that even at this location the house was packed, make me believe that they will be moving into a bigger and better place in no time.

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                            How is the salsa at Fuegos?

                            This is what I think of a baja style taco, carne asada or slow cooked chicken with cliantro and onions, not fried, soft corn tortillas.
                            We have found one place that makes tacos as close to baja/Ca. style mexican.
                            Real mexican food, from baja side of Mexico, doe's not have orange cheese or sour cream. And ground beef is for meatloaf!

                          2. Just had ANOTHER lunch there. This time hubbers and I shared the al pastor nacos. Jumpin' Jesus on a Pogostick! They were monsterous. We couldn't finish them. However they were very well made (although, I'm not a fan of a huge pile of chips underneath) with lots of meaty bits, pico, refried beans, REAL cheese, sour cream, guacamole, cilantro. That with heaps of their green sauce poured over it, was quite a meal...and only $8 for the both of us. Can't beat that.

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                              I had the albondigas soup a couple saturdays ago . . fantastically spiced / herbed morsels of beef and pork in a lovely broth and lots of veggies. Mrs. and I weren't as impressed as we could have been by the crab enchiladas - not bad, just not great. An old chesapeake native, I'm "picky" about my crab.

                            2. I just ate here for the first time tonight and I really enjoyed it. I had the ahi tuna sandwich and asked for it rare, which it was. Nice little caesar salad on the side. Looking forward to working through their menu on future visits. I wouldn't normally post about a place that's been well talked about on this board, but for the majority of my meal, I was the ONLY customer. I know it's a Monday, but at 7:30pm that's a bummer. I wanted to put the word out and get some more action going for this great little place - I'd hate to see them close.

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                                No worries about that. They're always completely full with a wait at lunch.

                              2. Just went Fuegos for dinner with my sister and my very picky 7 year old. Food was excellent. We shared the ahi shashimi and the crab enchiladas. While they don't have a children's menu, they were happy to make a small plate of cheese nachos for my boy. Everything was very fresh and our waitress (owners daughter?) told us that just about everything was homemade. They served both a red and green salsa - both soooo good! She said they will be getting a new menu shortly. Yes, the decor is not great but I am there for the food and the service was superb. The portions were quite generous and the shashimi was served on a cold, cold plate. A very enjoyable experience.

                                1. Just went for lunch a couple of days ago and was disappointed. To start, we wanted aguas frescas, but apparently, everything on the back side of the menu "is not available". My hubby ordered the carne asada enchiladas and I wanted some tacos a la carte as shown on the "front" side of the menu. Well, the waitress told me I couldn't get them. That they don't sell those anymore. I could get a taco plate with the tacos and rice & beans, but not just the tacos. I couldn't believe it. Ended up getting the same as hubby. The meat was OK, though a bit tough and with a lot of gristle. The red salsa was the absolute highlight of the meal though. If I could just buy a bottle to take home, I'd be happy. I don't think we'll be going back....

                                  1. I really enjoyed this place. The whole experience is a little schitzophrenic, to tell the you truth. Are we Mexican food, or California cuisine? Are we a sit down place, or does your burrito come wrapped in paper? Do we still still have that on the menu, or not?

                                    I view these issues as not so much problems, but some sincere endearing cluelessness. This place is trying really hard, even if sometimes it doesn't know what exactly it's trying, and that effort is what comes through.

                                    We went the other day and the girl who sat us and took or order was exceedingly friendly. The food was roundly delicious, proven by us all eaten too much and being comatose for the rest of the day. The Carne Asade was better than the pastor. The shrimp that made it's way to our table was anything but shrimpy in size, and seemed to avoid the ignomous rubberly death usually afforded it around town. Now that I've gained some trust I'd love to come back and try some of the mexican seafood dishes so popular outside of Texas.

                                    Next time I'm getting the crab enchiladas for sure.

                                    1. I suggested dinner at Fuegos based on what I had seen here and was a little apprehensive when I arrived at the restaurant first to find no customers there at about 7:45 on a Friday night. The hostess was very nice and I I hoped the rest of my party wouldn't be too freaked out by the empty restaurant - and that it wasn't empty because of the food.

                                      They arrived and we laughed about our private dining room, one friend chatted up the chef/owner, and we started ordering. Calamari and coconut shrimp arrived and they were good. The calamari is cut into thick strips, as described above, and was both meaty and tender, with a generous meat-to-crust ratio. The accompanying red sauce was good and the tartar better, but I thought the honey mustard struck an odd note. The shrimp were interestingly topped with fried carrot strings and were tasty. I only had one because I was concentrating on the calamari. Encouraged, we ordered two whole artichokes and they were also very nice. Straight from the pot, they were very hot and cooked just right. The ranch-ish sauce was a slight surprise. I would have liked lemon butter. I bet if we had asked, we would have gotten some.

                                      Moving on to entrees, we got fish tacos, the ahi salad, the chicken salad, and the red snapper with pasta & vegetables. The food took a while to come out. It was cooked to order and you could tell.

                                      The fish tacos were excellent. At first I thought the amount of fish was a little skimpy, but the taco as a whole was a well balanced mix of flavor and texture. Still I think at the price it would be better to include a side of rice and/or beans. The green table salsa was a hit with the tacos.

                                      I didn't taste either salad, but they both looked good. The chicken salad was ordered with dressing on the side, but came dressed and was reported to be a little busy with its myriad of ingredients. The ahi salad looked very pretty and got an excellent review.

                                      The snapper was delicious and perfectly cooked.

                                      Some men who are obviously regulars had come in and when the hostess/owner asked if we wanted dessert (which she said were all homemade from family recipes), they recommended the coconut cake. We got it, flan, and creme brulee. The brulee was nice, and the flan was good, but the coconut cake was the star of the show. Served warm, it was moist and creamy with an almost bread pudding-like texture.

                                      As we finished up, the next table's ahi sandwiches were served, and they looked great.

                                      I understand that this place does most of its business at lunch, and I sincerely hope that is enough to keep it afloat. This chef is really talented, in my opinion, and the owners seem very warm and justifiably proud of their food.

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                                        this place has very good crab enchiladas,but be careful of the specials i odered a swordfish for lunch and it was $21.95 whih is pricey for lunch,just ask before u order as its not what id call a cheap lunch but more like a moderate priced one that has no atmosphere.

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                                          We LOVE Fuego's. They have the best, freshest fish tacos in town. Great crab enchiladas too. It also had concerned me that it seemed like every time we went for dinner, there was only one other table occupied, but the waitress (one of owners or owner's daughter maybe) said their lunch time business is really good.
                                          You can take your own bottle of wine or beer too (with no cork fee) because they don't have their liquor license yet. A big plus!

                                        2. The wife and I finally got around to trying Fuego's last night, and my verdict was: mixed bag.

                                          The good: The fish tacos were terrific! Nicely prepared and seasoned white fish, topped with cabbage and pickled onions. Underneath all of that was "jalapeno tartar sauce", which tasted rich, tangy and homemade. Served on griddled corn tortillas.

                                          The bad: I had the 3 al pastor taco plate, which were very similar to what you get at tacquerias all over town. Cubed seasoned pork, with raw onions and cilantro on corn tortillas. Served with microwaved rice (yes, i saw the guy nuke it; see below) and ho-hum refried beans was... NINE DOLLARS AND 50 CENTS!!! You can head a few blocks up or down Lamar and get the same thing for about 3 or 4 bucks.

                                          The ugly: The atmosphere is dim, dreary and quiet... okay, I can live with that. The kitchen behind a plexiglass wall is mostly totally visible to the dining room, so you can see what the cook is doing with your food. Our rice was microwaved. For dessert we ordered the coconut cake that I read a rave review about, and they nuked that too. Again, the sticker shock set in when we had to shell out $6.95 for a not generously-sized piece of microwaved cake.

                                          I like the idea of this place, and I wish no ill will to an up and coming mom-and-pop, but $39 before tip for the above-mentioned dishes, plus 2 iced teas, left a sour taste.

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                                            We used to really like this place, but we went over the weekend and they've really increased the prices. It was alway just boarderline on the pricing but the tuna sandwich was really very good and I've always enjoyed the seafood enchiladas. However, with the price increase, I really don't see us returning anytime soon.

                                            1. re: amysuehere

                                              please describe what you ate and what it cost.Thanks

                                              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                                                Same as always. James got the tuna sandwich and I had the seafood enchiladas. They've raised their prices across the board a couple of bucks per entree. Both dishes were as I remember them and perfectly fine dishes. It just doesn't have the atmosphere to justify the prices. It's always been one of those places for us that just eeked by the cost/value/quality radar for us. The price increase makes them just that side of worth the drive.

                                                1. re: amysuehere

                                                  Menu has been updated in the restaurant and online. They now both match. Prices have been added to the online menu. Prices have been adjusted to be more reasonable.


                                          2. I went to lunch at Fuegos today and those fish tacos are so wonderful. I was with a friend of mine who is most recently from southern California and she thought they were great, too. I love the tarter sauce, the shred of the cabbage adds great texture and the pickled onions ... what's not to like. Oh, and yes, I could still taste the fish and thought it seemed very fresh - not fishy at all. Their salsas are wonderful, too. I never eat beans and rice but once I taste them with the red sauce, it was all over. I sometimes use the green sauce for the tacos.

                                            I do agree that the prices are a bit too high, but I will pay whatever it takes for those tacos. I've never had anything like them before. My attempts to recreate them at home are pretty close but not quite there.

                                            1. Had to try Fuego's fish tacos after reading all the positive reviews on the board; I am nuts about fish tacos and eat them, probably 2X/week. Finally went to Fuego's on a week night several days back. My perfect *fried* fish taco consists of good quality doubled up corn tortillas (or quality flour if you must), very crisp battered fish that is piping hot and tender inside, and usually cabbage (prefer white to purple), white or red onions, and lime wedges on the side. Cilantro and crema or tartar sauce are optional but always welcome, even better if the tartar sauce is spicy. Thus, I expected to love Fuego's after hearing about their fresh fish, jalapeno tartar sauce, and lime marinated red onions. When I arrived, the server seemed very interested in getting me to order their artichoke appetizer and the shrimp fettuccine. i later found out (after I had already ordered) that the kitchen was running low on fish. I ordered a tecate (they only had it in bottles, alas) and my tacos arrived after about 15 minutes. Three tiny pieces of semi-soggy fish filled each of my three tacos. Tortillas were doubled, but were oily. Lime marinated onions were the best part of the taco. Tartar sauce was good and lemony, but not spicy as I had hoped. Cabbage was fresh, limes present. Rice and beans were run of the mill tex-mex, not bad, not outstanding, but the $10 food plus $3 beer plus tax and tip means I paid about $17 for mediocre food. Perhaps the experience would have been better if the kitchen hadn't suffered a fish shortage. There were only two other tables occupied when I dined, but they may have been much busier early in the eve. If that was the case, though, I say put up a sign that says "No More Fish" rather than serve sub-par tacos. It's true, there is no ambiance, but I would dine in a boiler room if someone makes an amazing FT.

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                                              1. re: femmenikita

                                                oh man, suckitude.
                                                i love me some fish tacos, and based on other posts, was going to venture out and try this place.
                                                thanks for sharing!

                                                1. re: femmenikita


                                                  They should have told you if they were running out of fish. That's such a bad business choice. Especially since their pricing is on the high side for fish tacos.

                                                  You know, I was just there a few days ago and I'm positive that the tortillas on my plate were not doubled and there was definitely plenty of fish on each of the individual tortillas. We were there as they were winding down from lunch and therefore not very busy.

                                                  What a shame.


                                                  1. re: Rene

                                                    Yep, that's a real shame. Personally, I've never had a bad meal there. I've eaten the fish tacos countless times and I cannot recall them ever being on double tortillas.

                                                    If I HAD to voice a concern over the fish tacos it would be that they do sometimes go just a bit heavy on the tarter sauce. But, it's a minor complaint as it's easy enough for me to just scrape some off.

                                                    1. re: bloody hammer

                                                      I just came back from Fuegos. I had the fish tacos and I must say, THOSE TACOS ARE HEAVEN ON EARTH. I leave in Dallas, here for work, and this is was my best meal this week.

                                                      And they were on single tortillas

                                                  2. re: femmenikita


                                                    I was going to write a similar review, but you beat me to the punch. I went a couple of weeks back, and I don't think they were running out of fish, but the quality was pretty much how you reported it:

                                                    - Lightly breaded fish instead of crispy battered. Depressing because unless you wolf the tacos down, the fish quickly becomes soggy and oily, and you don't get that good texture contrast.

                                                    - I got some kind of slaw instead of fresh cabbage. Though it has a nice flavor, the chewy slaw plus oily fish made a strange mush in my mouth.

                                                    - $10 for 3 fish tacos! I'm sorry but this is inexcusable. It's pretty straightforward to make fish tacos at home; driving around to pay $3 for one is like kicking a man while he's down.

                                                    Summary: Too much $$$ for okay tacos.

                                                    1. re: turkeygravy

                                                      we went there recently and the food wasnt up to par and they are overpriced.the special are expensive for lunch ($20+) and you can get a much better lunch in a upscale place.im staying away as its not worth it for the money they charge and the fish specials like swordfish are outrageously prices and the veggies were from a can not fresh.

                                                  3. Hubby and I went for dinner on Saturday night. We were the only customers at 8:00, and we were nervous going in. We overcame our apprehensions and ended up ordering the calamari appetizer, a fat burger, the fish tacos, and an al pastor taco. Absolutely everything we got was excellent. The calamari was perfectly fried, in sticks rather than in rings, not chewy at all. There were two dipping sauces - one very horseradishy cocktail sauce and one spicy creamy sauce. The fish tacos were much as others have described, although I was pleased with the amount of fish I got and nothing seemed mushy, oily, or underbreaded. The fatburger was enormous and cooked medium to order, a rare ability in most restaurants. It was almost too big to get a jaw around and had to be disassembled a bit to eat, but all the parts were excellent. The al pastor was great - there was a nice amount of fat on the meat, but the taco itself wasn't greasy at all. Oh, and the refried beans were not soupy and actually had bacon grease in them!

                                                    This place is definitely going into our regular rotation.

                                                    1. so us two south austinites found ourselves at a gathering at the north central market tonight.. since we are are rarely on the north side, we decided to try to find somewhere interesting to dine. i told hubby to just keep driving north on lamar, with the wishful thinking that maybe Fuego's was still alive and kicking. we pulled up at 8:30 and weren't too sure if we wanted to be "those people" who came half hour before closing. plus the massive storm to the west was gathering momentum like a mofo, the lightening was spectacular. ultimately, we went for it. our server was more than welcoming,shooting the sh!t with us about the weather and prayers for rain. it was hard to decide between the fish tacos and the ahi sandwich, but i went for the ahi. hubby asked my advice, i told him either the burger or the carne asada fries. since he had had a burger yesterday (which i don't quite understand the point....i've never heard him complain about eating a burger too many times), he went for the fries. when asked how i wanted the ahi prepared, i went for seared/rare. YUM! that was a good sandwich! the sprouts were great, the cheese (on fish!? sure, why not?) was good, the tartar was zesty. the asada fries were AWESOME! as much as i wanted to try the burger, i'm really glad we gave the fries a shot. of the two sauces, the red was simply spicy, the green was soooo garlicy and delicious. i wished i had chips for it, although i didn't need the additional food. overall, well-prepared quality food, i wish them the best. really want to try the crab enchiladas, and of course that burger. don't know when we'll make it up there again, but i hope it's sooner than later. AAAAAND! RAIN! finally!!!!!

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                                                      1. re: NirvRush

                                                        NirvRush -reading your post makes me want to go back and quick!

                                                        1. re: familyof3

                                                          Well, it made me want to go back quick so I did, thank you.

                                                          They were busy, which made me very happy. I kept wandering if other hounds that read NirvRush's post were there.

                                                          We didn't order anything unusual, fish tacos for me, chicken tacos for hubs. I have been crazy about those fish tacos for a long time and can't seem to move on and try other things... I will next time. I saw the steamed artichoke with dill dipping sauce and it looked great. I will order that for sure. Has anyone else tried it?

                                                          BTW, does anyone else like those refried beans as much as I do? I'm not a bean fan and rarely touch refrieds when they are on the plate but I finished these off again. Hmmm.

                                                        2. re: NirvRush

                                                          ill give it another try as i found the specials very overpriced and the food overated but havent been back in at least 6 months.

                                                          1. re: nytexan

                                                            I was there on Saturday and the prices were cheaper than the last time I visited. I tried the crab enchiladas and they were delicious.

                                                            1. re: Madcap

                                                              maybe they woke up as their fish special for lunch were expensive.

                                                        3. Heads up ~ Fuego's has breakfast now! We went for lunch yesterday and asked about their new bfast options. The sign out front only mentions to-go breakfast tacos but they said they're offering a full menu including all of the usual mexican breakfast fare as well as pancakes/french toast.

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                                                          1. re: mayormel

                                                            Fuegos is NO MORE! Closed for business.