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Aug 30, 2007 11:53 PM


Has anyone been? its on north lamar and morrow (across from kim phung, which im sure many will know)

since i live in crestview and like to support new family run places close by...fuegos is for sure that. its owned and run by a family who moved from CA, the husband does most of hte cooking and his wife helps as well... and their two children do the hosting and waiting usually (warning: service can be only fair at times...) also, unfortunately, this place has a horrible location and access, along with in my opinion a very "odd" menu selection...and frankly pretty bad atomsphere...but cutting to the chase here, there are several food items ive really enjoyed several times, and seem to be different than many other places in austin (which as i am finding through just joining a food forum as this one, i am no EXPERT to austin places like others who post here, but looking forward to improving my knowledge)

so my recs for fuegoes: ahi steak sandwhich (reminds me of Malibu Seafood on PCH in CA), calimari, burger is pretty good (kind of a mix b/w a fat burger and in&out burger...CA burger joints) and the shrimp wrap

so just seeing if anyone else has been and enjoyed their food, and if not why? i know ive been w/ family/friends and they have really not liked certain items and really liked just want to see what others out there thought or if anyone else has even been there

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  1. My family and I have been here several times, and we always really enjoy it. The selection is indeed unusual, but it's all really good. I love that the sauces (from salsa to jalepeno tarter sauce, plus salad dressings, etc) are clearly homemade. We eat out pretty frequently, and we find things here we've never seen on other menus, and which we really enjoy. Some healthy, some decadent, but always something that really hits the spot.
    And the family that owns is is delightful. The food is great, and I feel good about supporting a great mom and pop enterprise.

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    1. re: EmilyJones

      Please elaborate on what you've liked.

    2. I've eaten there a few times. Its pretty good. Highlights

      1) The al pastor burrito
      2) the Fuego Burger
      3) The Fish tacos

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      1. re: ChrisStein

        headed there tomorrow. Thanks for the recs.

        1. re: amysuehere

          It sounds like they had a family emergency and needed to close down for a couple of days. They said that they're working on getting additional staff but that it's hard to do with slow business.

          1. re: eldorado

            I will try to go this week... just going to call first. Hopefully it will be open.

            1. re: Rene

              I'm fairly sure I saw the open sign lit when I passed by this weekend.
              Also interested in this place as it's close - but - this does bring up a point I find frustrating when scouting new places.
              Why don't more restaurants have their menu online?
              I am as brave as any for trying new places but I have never gone in cold without some idea of what to expect. Either I read a good writeup or I see a menu. You would think that the relatively cheap cost of even the worst website would be worth the business. Heck, if you can't afford the hosting just create a myspace page. :)

              1. re: chucklesmcfarland

                I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I was not supposed post a recommendation, being that I'm a friend of the family.

                Anyway, here's the URL for the menu that you requested:


                Again, it's still a work in progress, so some items are subject to availability and changes to the menu may happen in the near future.

            2. re: eldorado

              they had to shut down for several days so that they could dig a draib line and chip concrete for a new soda dispenser....they are open, and good, m

        2. The reviews of Fuegos are so very interesting (here and on the web in general) that we decided to try it out for lunch today. Imagine my horror when there was a sign on the door that read "Closed Until Further Notice".

          Does anyone know anything about this? This place is located at 7600 Lamar just south of 183, right?

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          1. re: Rene

            Dang! I was going to go yesterday too and last minute decided on Tomo (which I regretted)

            1. re: amysuehere

              Hot Off of the Presses... I'm happy to report that Fuego's has re-opened... I stopped in today, though I didn't eat I can confirm that they are open . Phone 524-1164 for hours'n'such.

          2. man this place is great. Try the enchiladas. I have gone back several times just to feed my addiction to those sauces. YUM!

            The best part about this place is the BYOB! Yep and there is a liquor store next door!
            I love this place

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            1. re: eleven22

              We went today for lunch and are also impressed. The crab enchilidas were a special and good if not a little bland (but the included salsa helped). The al pastor nachors were a winner and the side Cochinita Pibil taco was super. We'll be back.

              1. re: Carter B.

                I'm thrilled with this place! We started witht he soup and also shared a huge burger that taste great and they will cook it to your desired level of doneness - it's called a Fuego Fat burger and for good reason - a grilled onion slice, a large tomato slice, bacon, lettuce, tomatoe, cheese with a thousand island type dressing which was very good (I'm not usually a fan of thousand island). We also tried the crab enchiladas with a lovely red chile sauce and queso fresca.

                The place is small and clean, the service great. There will be a review on them in the Chronicle tomorrow.

                1. re: Rene

                  I had the burger today for lunch and it didn't wow me other than its size. The meat while cooked to order just wasn't beefy enough and despite all the other stuff on the burger--onions, bacon and cheese I just didn't get the flavor explosion in my mouth. My friend had the fish tacos and said they were mighty tasty.

                  I look forward to eating more of the menu.

                    1. re: eldorado

                      You all know I've been meaning to try this place for a while and why I waited until the day after the review is beyond me. Anyhow, our Friday Gang decided to brave the crowd. We just barely made it in time for the last table. The two waitstaff were overwhelmed but were real troopers. They finally started serving a quickly made salsa and chips to the tables that had been waiting a while. Could tell it was fresh out of the blender, but was good nonetheless. Chips were just right on the thick/thin no grease balance.

                      Two in the party had the Ahi Tuna Sandwiches, seared. Thick ahi steaks, seared as ordered. Both said it was one of the better meals they'd had in a while.
                      Hubbers had the fish tacos (something he'd never order) and asked for the tarter on the side (he hates mayo type sauces). Arrived with tarter inside and he gobbled them up. Go figure.

                      I had the special crab enchiladas. Although mine obviously sat for a while, it was still very good and had so much crab meat that on the last two, I just left the corn tortilla and just ate the crab and sauce.

                      The two sauces in squeeze bottles were addictive. I especially liked the green one.

                      The nachos that went by for another table were humongous and smelled wonderful. An absolute try (and share) at the next visit.

                      Good find, Crackersaywhat. I'm afriad they'll be packed a lot now. Whished I had gotten over there before they were discovered by the masses.

                      1. re: amysuehere

                        Three of us from work just got back, we have been before (before they closed temporalily). We loved this place before they closed and i am here to report that they are just as good. Two of us got the Al Pastor burrito with everything. Huge, fresh, tasty. the red and green sauce are awesome. Third person got three tacos al pastor. he didn't say anything at all during meal, which means he probably like them. We'll be back.

                        1. re: ChrisStein

                          We saw the burrito pass by with an order of nachos. Both of them were gi-normous!!!

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