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Aug 30, 2007 10:56 PM

H K Gourmet Delight in Arcadia

Anyone know about this Chinese restaurant? What type of cuisine? What would you recommend as their best dishes? Thanks.

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  1. Where is this place located at?

    1. It's Shanghai cuisine; the restaurant is pretty nice. usually not too crowded inside. service isn't that great, but it's doable.

      i haven't eaten there enough to recommend any of their dishes though; the menu looks pretty expansive and their dishes aren't really expensive, so you can experiment around (:

      1. Like another poster said, this restaurant focuses on Shanghai cuisine. It's got a pretty broad menu though, so you'll see a lot of American favorites as well as traditional dishes that purely Western Chinese restaurants may not have.

        There's a Lunch Special available 7 days a week, I think, but the initial price isn't too bad anyway. I'd recommend this fried fish with seaweed seasoning... I think I always see it on every table whenever I go.

        The boss is pretty friendly, even if his English isn't too great. You can always ask him for recommendations if you're confused. c:

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          Do you know if this is the same owner of the Gourmet Delight that was located on Atlantic and Harding in Monterey Park. It has closed and we miss it. The owner was very friendly and the food was decent. We liked the fish in lettuce wrap, Once when we went for a late dinner, my BH asked for a domestic beer. The owner said he would check for the availability. He came back with a tall glass of scotch and water por gratis and an apology for not having the beer in stock . That's pretty nice!

            1. re: Neta

              Yeah, it's the same owner. The old one in Monterey Park closed -- they relocated to Baldwin & Las Tunas, in Arcadia.

              The new restaurant linked above by Chelmoon is owned by a different person, I believe.

              Enjoy! c: