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Aug 30, 2007 10:04 PM

Downtown DC Lunches in 30 minutes/10 bucks

I work downtown close to Metro Center.

Very Familiar with the following
- Food Court at National Shops
- Food Court at Ronald Reagan
- ABP,Corner Bakery, Cosi
- Potbelly, Subway
- Cafe 1200

I just went to Phillip's Cafe and Loeb's this week. Both I recommend for sandwiches.

But other than that, I need more places to eat lunch.

- the Central Business District of DC
~10 bucks (max 15)
- 30-60 minutes to get there, order, eat, and come back

And I did a search, and didn't see a thread with the same geographic and time constraints.


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  1. My stupid IT system is down so, I have nothing to do this Friday morning, but think about lunch . . .

    I used to work down by you but now I'm up near Franklin Square. It is really only a 10 minute walk from you.

    Cafe Mozart is a great place for brats, hearty german fare, and also has decent deli on New York Ave. bt 13th and 14th. They have a sit down restaurant in the back or you can order food by counter service to go. They also great german beers on tap at the bar if you want to have that kind of lunch. I could eat their german potato salad for lunch alone. This place feels like it is trapped in time, check it out.

    Love the Juice Joint for smoothies and natural/health conscious lunch options at Vermont and L, near McPherson Square. I work very close to there and go at least once a week for lunch. Probably a 10 - 15 minute walk for you or you can hop on metro on stop. There is almost always a line out the door, but it moves really fast. My favorite sandwiches are the jerked chicken with mango salsa wrap, "holland's pocket" basically a salad with hummus in a wrap, and the When in Rome (eggless caesar w/ chicken) wrap. They also do a nice grilled salmon sandwich.

    Another regular -- weekly? Twice a week? -- lunch stop for me Port of Piraeus on 13th between K and I. It is a Greek Deli with many, many lunch options. A little on the pricier side, but the food is pretty tasty and consistent, and they have enough variety that I never get sick of it. If I am looking for a bigger meal, I really like their hot food specials like chicken kabobs, chicken stuffed with feta and spinich, mousakka, or gyro platter which all come with a starch and a tasty greek salad (usually about $10). Sometimes I will get the greek salad alone ($7) or with chicken ($9). There are too many sandwiches to list but my favorites include the gyro (classic or on a sub roll), the spartan (roast beef with feta, sweet peppers, tomato, greens -- also available as a veggie without the meat), the metro (italian hogie), and the 21st streeter (turkey, slaw, russian dressing) ($6-8). You can also make your own deli sandwich.

    I still miss Julia's Empanadas which sadly closed its Vermont Ave, location near me. Check it out if you find yourself near Dupont or Adams Morgan.

    Capitol Q in Chinatown is not a bad option for a quick lunch. It can be heavy, and terribly inconsistent, but on a good day, they have some amazing brisket.

    Finally, did you read the recent WaPost article about new food carts downtown? Check it out. I haven't tried, but I am looking forward to it.

    Port of Piraeus Market
    1225 I St NW, Washington, DC 20005

    Juice Joint Cafe
    1025 Vermont Ave NW Frnt 3, Washington, DC 20005

    Capital Q
    707 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

    Cafe Mozart
    1331 H St NW Ste A, Washington, DC 20005

    1. Mayur Kabob House 1108 K St has an Indo-Pak buffet for about $8. The best time to go are thursdays and fridays when they put out tandoori chicken.

      1. I will second votes for Port of Piraues, and Cafe Mozart.

        Port of Piraues's classic gyro sandwich is something I crave on a regular basis, not to mention, the place is squeaky clean...a nice touch.

        My favorite spot for a cheap meal is Solar Cafe, located on the corner of 13th and I, right ocross from Port of Piraeus. They have great wraps, sandwiches, quesadillas, and make it yourself salads.

        1. I appreciate this query too! The new street vendors sound like a good bet for you (there's another recent thread on them). It might be too far, but the Well-Dressed Burrito is a good lunch. It's off an alley, they have a few tables, but I think most take out. You can call in your order.

          Well-Dressed Burrito
          1220 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

          1. Manhattan Deli (801 Penn Ave, NW...walkable from Metro Center and just off the Archives/Navy Memorial Metro stop) has some of the best NY-style pizza I've found in DC (available by the slice). They also have calzones which I've seen people enjoying, but I can't get myself to not have the pizza whenever I get over there. It's a great place to go when the weather is nice out (like today would've been perfect!). They also have salad bar and hot dishes by the pound. But I only go for the pizza. My only gripe is that they're not open later into the evening.