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Aug 30, 2007 09:49 PM

New Vietnamese Restaurant in Greensboro, NC

This is the new restaurant by the owners of the late Que Hong. It is named Nhu Y. Much better atmosphere with same lackluster service. It is located on High Point Road in the same shopping center that houses Van Loi and an Asian grocery. This strip center also houses a new Mexican carniceria and taqueria.

While I like the new digs and only tried the pho I will keep Van Loi as my go to pho place and try the rest of the menu at Nhu Y. Van Loi still has the better combination of quality broth, large bowl, quality condiments and quantity of ingredients. Nhu Y leave out the saw grass leaf and gave me less rare beef and meatball

They have the full range of southasian beverages, from bubble tea, to jackfruit and soursop shakes. Even a durian fruit shake. I have good memories of their jack fruit and soursop shakes

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  1. The only thing that seemed worth ordering that was different from Van Loi was some of their noodles....otherwise Van Loi is still hands down the best that I've seen in G'boro.

    1. Nhu Y is a rip off. They false advertise the price and charge a different price then what you order. They have been doing this for years and not only to me but everyone that I know. They don’t itemize the recipe and when you confront it they would said it is a miss calculation then they it is a mistake.