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Aug 30, 2007 08:01 PM

Kosher-Keeper in NOLA

I'm working in New Orleans for the week, and my boyfriend is coming into town to visit for the weekend. We are big NYC Chowhounds and want to make sure to eat as much great food while here as possible. The only hang-up is that he keeps a minimal level of kosher (no shellfish, no pork, no mixing milk and meat in the same dish.) Other than that he'll eat anything, the spicier the better. And I have no eating restrictions.

Any recommendations of places that we can go to get a good sampling of New Orleans cuisine (both high and low end)? The establishment need not be kosher, it just needs to have some options that keep with the aforementioned requirements. I've already eaten at Emeril's, Cochon, Rio del Mar, and Grand Isle. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Damn, girl, if you could manage to be even semi-kosher at Cochon, you don't need our help (just kidding). But more seriously, why not try Galatoire's? You can have trout meuniere (finfish is okay, right?), souffle potatoes, fried eggplant, etc. And you should be safe in any poboy joint..go to Parkway Bakery or Domilese for a roast beef.

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      crabby jack's for the po boy's just don't eat the shellfish itmes, i presume you and him can have beef so maybe a roast beef po boy.

      galatoire's is a good option, as stated above. but have heard the shellfish is truly where it's at.

      kpaul's you can do for blackend fish (but tell em to hold the lump crabmeat topping) and you can also try the prime rib and the filet mignons with debris sauce.

      Mother's has a bunch of non-porky, non-shellfishy po boys and other assorted stuff too.

      and the roasted duck at Brigsten's has no shellfish, no pork and is also one of the greatest if not the greatest dishes in Orleans Parish.