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Aug 30, 2007 07:43 PM

Catered lunch in St Pete?

I need to set up a couple of catered lunch meetings for 10 people downtown. Does anyone know either an excellent caterer, or a good local restaurant that will deliver?

I am not necessarily looking for hot food, but I would like something more interesting and higher quality than standard takeout sandwiches. Would be nice to have some variety, something really good. Any cuisine is okay ... American, European, Cuban, deli, Mexican.....

Thanks in advance :-)

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  1. Island Flavors & Tings in Gulfport would be a good alternative.


    1. Lonni's downtown has wonderful take out, and some really good desserts.

      1. Thanks John and lmb8439 :-)

        I am still looking for additional recommendations for caterers, and ALSO for recommendations for restaurants in downtown St Pete that have private rooms that would suit 10-12. I am mostly interested in places that are extremely quiet - although good food would be lovely too. Thanks.

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          The Columbia Restaurant, on the pier, has a subdued atmosphere, great view, very good food. I would check them out. Cafe Alma has a private room, very good food (although some here disagree), and a good downtown location.

          A good caterer in downtown is Orange Blossom. I've had their food and it is delicious, they've been around for years.