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Aug 30, 2007 07:41 PM

Date Spot, miracle mile area

help! I have a date at 9ish, i need a fun spot in my area that won't break my bank (i'm thinking under $80 with a drink or two for both) open to any and all food type, but would prefer to not go to luna park (right by my house, don't want to look to lazy). All input appreciated.


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  1. lulu's cafe on beverly i really like lately

    MILK if you want to do something fun, innocent, and childhood/nostalgia inducing... or just hit it up for dessert (my pick :-)


    what about cube... small plates to share?

    ethiopian fare is good to share... meals by genet or rahel would be my pick there

    a little farther away, Cha Cha Cha or Bossa Nova

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    1. re: Emme

      I was about to suggest Cube too -- bring a bottle of wine and sit outside.

      1. re: djdebs

        Celadon Galerie is lovely...Asian influence menu and setting...And Hatfield's has a terrific menu...

        1. re: djdebs

          Big fan of Cube... and small plates that you share is a good date option. It forces collaboration, creates conversation, encourages generosity/sharing.

      2. I'm going with Angelini Osteria.. wish me luck!

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          hope it went well and you didn't mind splurging over your budget! she must be pretty special... i'd appreciate a guy taking me to angelini!