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Aug 30, 2007 07:35 PM

Secrets of 36 Bay Area restaurants - from the SJ Mercury

This article has some great tips.

For me the ones to try: Incanto & Swan Oyster Depot secret dishes.

Article here:

Any others want to share?

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  1. That really is a very good article. When I first scanned it and saw the restaurant names I kind of thought it would be boring.

    Interesting about the secret sashimi plate at Swan.

    Nice to know you can order Filipino dishes at Poleng Lounge that aren't on the menu because the chef thinks they would not appeal to Americans.

    The egg added to the handkerchief pasta with rustic pork ragu at Incanto does sound excellent.

    Nice to know about the secret habanero sauce at Bong Su.

    Very cool to know about Eureka paying for your taxi ride to the restaurant.

    I might just make it to Jones for that secret Philly cheesesteak ... but $17 ... yikes.

    I do have Presidio Social Club high on my list ... timing ... I'm never there when it is open ... but those brioche beignets might give me extra incentive.

    Wow ... a new variation of the secret Chinese menu ... the secret $5.35 bargain menu at Asia Village in Sunnyvale.

    That 23 course grand tasting menu at Sent Sovi:sounds intriguing. Very cool about the chef sending you a questionaire about your likes and dislikes.

    My own tip is a stupid one that I've mentioned before, but at Frankie and Johnny and Luigi's, Too there is the zucchini Realto which hasn't been on the menu for years, but they will make it because it was a favorite with regulars ... just zukes, tomatoes, mushrooms baked in a white wine cream sauce and topped with cheese ... simple but wonderful

    Thanks for the link to that great article. Hope others have secrets to share. .

    1. Thanks for the link....but am I the only one who dislikes secret menus? Think I will start a thread on NAF on the topic...