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Aug 30, 2007 06:53 PM

Recommendations for Kosher and non-Kosher diners near Michigan Ave.?

My wife and I (the non-Kosher eaters) are having dinner on Saturday with her old college friend and her husband (the Kosher eaters). They're staying on Michigan Avenue (near Chicago Ave.). Anyone have some ideas for a place that can accomodate Kosher requirements, specifically fish and vegetarian?

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  1. The only strictly Kosher restaurant anywhere near downtown that I'm aware of is the one discussed in this recent topic: Note that that restaurant is not that close to where your friends are staying; it's one mile south and one mile west.

    It might help if you know how strictly kosher they are. Some people simply don't eat shellfish, pork, etc and don't mix meat and milk in a meal - which means they can eat anywhere, by selecting the appropriate foods - while others follow the religious laws strictly, e.g. eating only at places with separate sets of dishes (if not separate kitchens) for meats vs dairy, etc.

    You might also try asking the concierge at their hotel. This is the kind of specific service that concierges sometimes know about and have arrangements for.

    1. I agree with nsxtasy their level of observance is - Iam ssuming hteir level of observance is similar to mine in that they will eat at non-kosher restaurants but only certain fish and vegetarian dishes - if thisis the case many fine chicago restaurants will dishes on the menu that will accomnodate this level of observance - many within walking distance of Michigan and CHicago - what cuisines would you be interested in -

      1. There are some kosher restaurants in the Devon up north if you need it. It's not near Michigan Avenue, but Devon will have what you need (and it should be pretty fun).

        I was thinking specifically about Taboun when I did a search and found this board which already addressed the area's kosher restaurants.

        6339 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

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          There is a listing of kosher restaurants in the Chicago area here:

          It includes several places on Devon Avenue, and a bunch more just north of there in Skokie.

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            When I said "this board" I meant THIS board:

            forgot to paste it in.

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              Taboun is an excellent choice - also Shallots Bistro in Skokie is another excellent choice - the one problem since evanstone wants to go out fSaturday night might present a probem - being kosher they can not oipen until at least an hour after sundown - during the summer months many kosher restaurants prefer not to open saturday evening -

              here links to the restaurantts I mentioned -


              Shallots Bistro
              4741 Main St, Skokie, IL 60076