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Aug 30, 2007 05:16 PM

Feedin' to impress (NoCoSD)

OK, I am in a bind here - I have a couple of ideas but could use some advice.

So my dad is finally coming down for a day this weekend, first time in a year and a half I have been able to get him to leave santa barbara and make the long drive to san diego. He is the kind of guy you have to make an appointment with to see, even if it's for breakfast, so this is a pretty rare occasion.
I managed to get him coming saturday mid-morning and leaving sunday afternoon, so that gives me about 24 hours to impress the heck out of him and really sell him on the north county san diego area--and convince him to pay for at least part of my wedding!

He is a foodie so I figure I'm going to take him to the Del Mar races on saturday and get a great dinner down there. I need somewhere really good, fun and not prohibitively expensive. I have a tentative reservation at Market, is there anywhere else I should look? The menu looks great and reviews are good, although I've never been.

Also, he is a total breakfast guy so a recc for a great brunch on sunday would be awesome. Anywhere good over in the Escondido area?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Take him to Hacienda del Vega in Escondido...great food, drinks and a gorgeous outdoor patio with a fountain. I am going to El Bizcocho tomorrow for dinner so I can let you know how that is.
    For breakfast I like the Market Bakery in Restaurant Row in San Marcos..love the eggs benedict there.

    Oh...maybe you could do cocktails at the Four Seasons Aviara...the bar is quite a sight and SURE it would be fun to get married there.
    we got married at a great bed and breakfast in Valley Center if you are still looking for a place.


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      Hacienda de Vega is not bad but if you really want to impress somebody with outstanding food it is too ordinary, IMO.

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        If the RBI catering is any indication of El Bizcocho (I think they do the catering for the hotel as well as the restaurant), the food will be FANTASTIC.
        Note to the wise, if you ever have to host a corporate meeting or event, catering alone makes the rancho bernardo inn worth the room rates.

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          Oh and our wedding venus is at this gorgeous house in Escondido, with a lake and huge lawn in the back...should be nice.

      2. oh forgot the brunch at 150 Grand....we went there for dinner last Saturday and the food was fantastic....I had the seared scallops and DH had a gorgeous veal osso bucco.

        1. You might look into Arterra in Del Mar. It is in an hotel but far from hotel food. I have only eaten so far for lunch but it was the best in San Diego. I hear really good reports about their tasting menu.

          1. We just did Market tonight and had another great dinner. I'd keep your reservation given that it's close to the racetrack AND the food is good. Atmosphere is not stuffy but casually lively. Plus, you might see the jockeys dining there afterwards. There were in the center large table tonight.

            THE best $10 breakfast you'll get in the county is at Cavaillon in Santaluz. Their high-end French cooking techniques are all over their breakfast menu--omelettes cooked to perfection, filled with fresh herbs and tomato jam; fresh, warm beignets with homemade strawberry jam; scrambled eggs that are soft but not runny or tasteless. Their outdoor patio is perfect in this weather. Indoor seating is country French. Granted, it's not a brunch but I suspect their quality is much better than most brunches around.

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              I did not know about the breakfast at cavaillon. I might also suggest breakfast at the Argyle at Aviara. Sit outside it is just beautiful and they really do a nice job on breakfast.