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Italian restaurants that make their own pasta? (Dallas)

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Are there any casual Italian restaurants that make their own pastas and serve dishes that aren't swimming in sauce?

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  1. Mi Piace makes their own pasta. I'm not sure they are really a casual place though, but I went the other week and someone wore jeans.

    1. Ferre makes its own pasta daily

      1. Have you tried Momo's? I am not sure that all the pasta is homemade, though, but it is a nice more casual place and they have some good dishes. I also think Massimiliano's in Plano on 15th makes a lot of their own pastas and is a little more casual - we've only tried it once, and actually liked the Italian Wedding Soup best, but that was just after they had opened.

          1. Definitely Momos. The pasta is made on site.

            1. Of course there is the place at the Farmers market that sells fresh pasta in many flavors and varieties. They also supply many of the top restaurants in town. It's been a while since I purchased any from them, but they had a really good chocolate pasta.

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                Are you referring to Papardelle's pasta? They do have a variety of flavors and shapes but they are all dried and mass produced. They are actually based out of Denver, CO. If you check out their website, they retail at countless numbers of farmers markets across the country.
                In terms of retailers that sell fresh pasta in Dallas -- there is Civello's Raviolisimo (on Peak) that does a variety of stuffed pasta. Also there is Holy Ravioli on Lovers that does a variety of different fresh pastas.

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                  ....been a while, but I think Tomasso's pasta store is still on Spring Valley off the Tollway

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                    Nope there is a group that make fresh pasta here in Dallas. They will actually make to order custom production pastas. My friend who had Papparazzi used to have them make several custom blends.