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Italian restaurants that make their own pasta? (Dallas)

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Are there any casual Italian restaurants that make their own pastas and serve dishes that aren't swimming in sauce?

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  1. Mi Piace makes their own pasta. I'm not sure they are really a casual place though, but I went the other week and someone wore jeans.

    1. Ferre makes its own pasta daily

      1. Have you tried Momo's? I am not sure that all the pasta is homemade, though, but it is a nice more casual place and they have some good dishes. I also think Massimiliano's in Plano on 15th makes a lot of their own pastas and is a little more casual - we've only tried it once, and actually liked the Italian Wedding Soup best, but that was just after they had opened.

          1. Definitely Momos. The pasta is made on site.