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Aug 30, 2007 04:33 PM

fried clams in Baltimore

Just read an article on NYTimes about one person's search for the fried clams of his youth, and it made me hungry. :) Where do I get good fried clams in Baltimore?

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  1. Good question!
    I personally like clam strips better then whole fried bellies but hey, I'm just a Baltimoron.

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    1. re: hon

      Ironically, soft-shell clams (like the ones mentioned in the article) are harvested in Maryland, but they get sent to New England 'cause Marylanders think they're trash food. Kind of like how North Carolinians don't appreciate blue crabs. Then again, New Englanders think Maryland soft-shells are inferior, so maybe Marylanders are right about them. :-)

      We were just up in Maine a few weeks ago, and I had lots of great soft-shell clams, both steamed and fried. I don't know anywhere to get them in Maryland. My wife is an expatriate New Englander and is always on the lookout for them, but we've never found them south of New York City (at a restaurant in Grand Central Station).

    2. That article in the NYTimes and the pictures made me sooo hungry! I love whole belly clams and if anyone knows ANYWHERE around B'more that serves them I need to know! Not clam strips - those are a dime a dozen.

      1. Legal Seafood, Inner Harbor has them.

        1. I had them approx. 2 years ago in Fishermans Inn on Kent Island. They were delicious