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Aug 30, 2007 04:15 PM

Binghamton, NY area sushi?

We're going up to visit family this weekend, and I wondered if there are any good sushi/japanese restaurants in the area. I know one just opened recently in the holiday inn over by SUNY B, any reports on it?

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  1. Believe it or not yes Wegmans , I observed quite a few customers who seemed to be enjoying the sushi that they were eating.Also in Endicott there is a Chinese place with both a Chinese American menu as well as Chinese (like in Chinatown NY away from the tourist area ) menu called Moon Sun or Sun Moon

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    1. re: scunge

      I think you are talking about Moon Star? I don't remember seeing sushi on the menu, but the food is excellent.

      Kampai on the Vestal Parkway also has sushi.

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        I have had sushi at Wegmans, it was not bad... I was hoping for a little more atmosphere. ;-)

    2. There is a small Japanese restaurant in the Price Chopper Plaza on North St. In Endicott, that has good sushi, so I have been told. I have heard that the sushi is very well made, with a big variety on the menu. Not sure what the name is, although it used to be "Sake Restaurant".

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        I'll have to try there next time, thanks! We ended up at Kampai - my stepdad has known the owner there for 30 years or something. The sushi was ok, I wasn't crazy about the things I ordered. I will say that their spicy tuna and spicy mayo are HOT! probably the hottest I've had. Next time I will try different maki and get some sushi pieces.

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          I was going to edit my post above, but for some reason cannot. I want to say that my husband enjoyed the sashimi he ordered at Kampai very much, but didn't think the salmon was as nice as some other places we go.
          I ordered the volcano roll, which hubby enjoyed, but I thought was too loosly wrapped and the presentation was sort of messy - they piled the pieces all up like a volcano. We also ordered the hot mama, which was very tasty. It was shrimp, avacado and spicy mayo. I think there was something else in there, but I can't remember. My mother ordered the carly roll, asparagus, mushroom and avacado, which she enjoyed very much. Beyond that tho, I had the hibachi chicken. After I wished I'd ordered more sushi - because it's better for me. ;-) ANYWAY, I think if I'd ordered different items (ie not the volcano roll) I would have liked it more.