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Aug 30, 2007 02:56 PM

Vegas Wedding Dining Options

I am getting married in October in Vegas with a smallish family ceremony. I'm looking for a place for dinner on a Saturday night and Breakfast/Brunch on Sunday. The party will be approx 11 people and 1 child. Any recs???

I am already looking at Bouchon as a possibility for breakfast, but I'm a little stumped for the evening dinner.

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  1. Where is the party staying?

    We got married in Vegas, with some straggler guests staying at a hotel on the north strip, while most of us were south-central. I found the stragglers had a hard time making it to gatherings on time because of the horrors of getting anywhere quick on the strip.

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      We're all at the Mirage. It shouldn't be too hard for us to move as a group.

      1. re: slabbit

        I think the place for you is Bradley Ogden at Caesars. Not too far to trek, and they do have a great burger on the bar menu that I'm sure they'd serve up for your kid. Heck, they'd make whatever you wanted for your kid, the service is tops, food is out of this world, they would make it a very nice evening.

    2. I would, without hesitation, reserve a table on the Patio @ Picasso. One of the most beautiful settings in all of Las Vegas @ night, if it fits in the budget.