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Aug 30, 2007 02:07 PM

Sumsushi - NW3 Japanese option

Tried this place on a whim last week. Apparently it's been open for 1 year but I hadn't noticed. Then again I've only been in London on and off this last year.

Was surprisingly impressed with the udon soup with tsukune (chicken ball) for £4.70, decent noodles, good [sweet soy] broth, OK chicken balls. Very generous size as well. Sushi (nigiri, rolls and gunkan rolls) weren't bad either. Worth knowing about if you live in the nabe.

Delivery and takeout only.

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  1. Damn, I wish you'd posted this a week ago; I was up near there last weekend and could have done with somewhere good to grab a bite to eat on the go.

    The Sumsushi website says they have "a small, contemporary eat-in space" — are they being over-optimistic about this?

    Also, that location is very close to a Feng Sushi, if I remember right. (Not been to one of them for years and can't remember anything much about it; also not sure what to think about the chain-ness of it.) I don't know the area well, but this clustering of sushi places strikes me as a little uncharacteristic. Still, if it's been there a year it must be doing OK!

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      Fair enough, you could eat in there and it would be fine although not somewhere to linger. And yes it is contemporary and clean.

      Feng Sushi @ London Bridge I tried a couple of times 3-4 years back. Not offensive by any means but run of the mill - I fear that I have become something of a sushi snob these last 2-3 years! I think that the best options in that zone might be in Camden - Sushi Waka on Camden Parkway and Asakusa on Eversholt Street. Haven't been to either place in a fair while but a Japanese friend was recommending the latter place earlier this summer. It's an izakaya but may well have sashimi that surpasses offerings in sushi-yas if it's anything like some of the izakayas I've had the good fortune to sample in Japan. I'll report back if and when I revisit.

      1. re: Kake

        Just noticed another new Japanese place in the nabe walking around today. It's called Ikura, it's on Haverstock Hill, a little north of Chalk Farm station, and it has a sushi/izakaya menu that sounds quite promising. I will try and sample and report back.