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Aug 30, 2007 02:05 PM

Yummiest burger recipes recommended for grilling this weekend?

I'm playing the role of "chef" this weekend down the beach and need some impressive (yet not super fancy) burger recipes--

Any tips on -

best meat to use
special ingredients
unexpected toppings?


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  1. Meat - I would go with ground chuck or ground round. Your butcher should be able to coarse grind this for you. Unfortunately, the fattier meat the better. Just season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and maybe a little grated onion. Do not over mix. If you let your meat rest and grill it on a piping hot grill you willbe good to go. I prefer the flavor of charcoal grills. You can baste with a little BBQ sauce towards the end of the cooking process. I wouldn't get too crazy. I've tried too hard in the past to have my end result turn out like a meatloaf gone wild. A good piece of meat does not need much beautifying.

    I'm going to be making sliders/mini burgers this weekend. I almost never finish burgers at BBQ's becuase there's always so many side dishes (Especially when there is a pot-luck), then comes the beer. I like little burgers. That way I can have one or two and feel like I'm not wasting food.

    I like to top them pretty simple. A little crumbled bleu cheese or feta and carmelized onions, maybe a little arugula and a sliver of tomato.

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      what do you use for bread for the sliders? great idea, thanks

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        I found little dinner rolls at my local grocery store. Slice them in half and voila! You can get a 12-pack for like $2.50. Someone on here told me that 2 oz. of meat per slider should be about 1.5 lbs per 12-pack of bread. Great for the adults as well as the kiddies. I'm still on the hunt for mini kaiser rolls, especially onion ones.

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          If you're near a Costco, try their mini rolls. Not quite a Kaiser but close. They have a dusting of flour on them and are just the right size. Onion ones would be excellent, but haven't come across anything like that yet.

    2. We're planning turkey burgers with roasted red pepper sauce
      Lamb burgers with Fage yogurt & cucumber spread (lots of garlic in that one)
      and Beef burgers (we use 85% lean) with good quality blue cheese crumbled inside the burger mix.

      Regarding bread we often go bread-less with burgers but I plan to offer rye bread rolls and mini whole wheat challah for guests.

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        I strongly second lamburgers. Heaven in your mouth. Greek heaven. Add some chopped red onion to the meat as well as garlic. Then top w/ tzaziki, roasted red pepper...mmmmmm......

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          Anyone have any good recipes for lamb burgers? I tried to make mini lamb burgers with blue cheese for an app and they were really dry and flavorless. I need some ingredients and cooking tips. I cooked mine in a cast iron pan.

          1. re: bullygirl

            bullygirl, more of a tip than a recipe for keeping lamb burgers moist.
            Add a small amt of olive oil or plain yogurt to the meat and stay away from drying ingre. like crumbs. We serve a yogurt/cucumber spread or sometimes a curry mago with lamb burgers once grilled to keep the moisture high. Remember, don't over grill them!

      2. There is nothing like a juicy burger. I do a greek turkey burger- roasted red peppers, mint, garlic, and feta mixed all in (along with bread crumbs, a couple of eggs and dried oregano) I've also found a nice surprise is to put a chunk of cheddar in the middle of a beef burger before cooking. To the beef mixture I always add breadcrumbs, egg, worchestersire(sp?), grated onion, minced garlic and parsley. The cheese centre is delish!

        1. If you're using ground beef, the best combination is ground chuck and ground sirloin, 50-50. I like chuck for the fat, sirloin for the flavor. I'm not as big a fan of ground round . . . I prefer chuck. To ensure a juicy burger, handle as little as possible, have it ground as close to cooking time as possible, and don't flatten on grill.

          As far as seasonings, I simply used freshly ground pepper and kosher salt.

          My favorite unusual topping combination is bacon and roasted poblano pepper with Monterrey Jack cheese. Of course, sauteed onions and bacon (both of which can be done in advance) always make good burger toppings.

          I'm also a big fan of lamb burgers. I like to give it a bit of a gyros taste by serving it on a pita with some tzatziki sauce.

          1. I agree with other posters that a mix of chuck for flavor, fat and mouthfeel, with sirloin for flavor and tenderness is about as good as it gets. I'd avoid ground round for this, as round can taste livery sometimes.

            Mom used to add a packet of Lipton's onion soup mix to the ground beef to dress up burgers. That's pretty good and dead easy. When you're seasoning your burgers, bear in mind there's a fair amount of salt in the soup mix.

            If you're grinding your own, or having the meat cutter custom grind for you, you can add a couple of strips of bacon for extra juiciness and wonderful flavor. This works best on an outdoor grill where the excess fat drips away. Obviously you want to start with extra lean beef in this case, and add not more than 5% bacon or so. It's very delicious.

            For *really* fancy, I've used roasted red peppers (from a jar or the deli case) cut into diamond shapes, about one inch long. Cook the burger on one side and flip; arrange about 4 of the pepper diamonds in a sort of star pattern on top of the cooked side, points at the center, Plop some crumbled bleu cheese in the center and continue cooking. Dunno, it impressed *my* friends ;)