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Aug 30, 2007 01:59 PM

Jacques-Imo's, what to eat?

I'm going to Jacques-Imo's Saturday night for the first time. Any recs on what to order for dinner?????

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  1. I think the best, most consistent thing on the menu is the blackened redfish. But I also like the softshell crab (called the Godzilla-- not always on the menu), or the carpetbagger steak. The fried chicken is pretty classic, and I also liked the seafood pirogue. I generally stay away from the stuff on the menu with asian-y flavors, though the calamari app is great. There are generally about 40 things to choose from, so it's hard to really narrow it down.

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      Good call on the softshell crab. Last time I went with my family and two people ordered the chicken pontalba; this is something I probably wouldn't order (and people probably wouldn't jump to recommend), but it was absolutely delicious. Unexpected. If you like chicken, I would order this over the fried chicken, though that is great, too.

      Alligator cheesecake as your app!

    2. My favorites are the paneed duck with the sweet potato sauce and the chicken and biscuits (I know it sounds really plain, but it is IMO the best dish, it is huge too). My ablsolute favorite thing is the single fried oyster that comes on the salad with every meal.

      1. currently, my favorite is the salmon. half of the plate is filled with a ginger cream sauce, the other half a black bean sauce, so it almost resembles a yin yang. the salmon is stuffed with mushrooms and served atop the sauces. good stuff.

          1. you can't go wrong with the fried chicken - it gets voted consistently in the top 10 places to get fried chicken in the city. I would agree that the blackened redfish is awesome. If you want to be adventurous, try the alligator cheesecake - it's not bad!