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Aug 30, 2007 01:48 PM

Ethiopian in Lancaster

I've heard that there is an Ethiopian restaurant in Lancaster, but I've been unable to confirm or deny.
Please, I need closure!

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  1. There was a place about 10 years ago on Manheim pike (I think in the strip where the Isaac's is) but it's no longer there. I don't know if they moved. It was very good from what I remembered, my first exposure to Ethiopian and I've been hooked ever since.

    1. There is a second farmers market that has opened on Sat. mornings off of King Street called the Eastern Market. I saw an article in the newspaper about green businesses, and there was a mention of an Ethiopian stand at this market. The article focused on the fact that the stand asks shoppers to bring their own plastics containers to take home their meals, thus avoiding the waste of disposable containers. If you go to and search, you may find this article or another that gives you more info. I do know that the market is only open Sat am until late fall. The market is in the parking lot of the HDC's building, on the right side of the street before you get to Plum Street. And if you go, I guess you had better take your own containers.

      1. Hey! I found the article! Here is the link to the article that mentions the Ethiopian food! Yeah!