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Aug 30, 2007 01:08 PM

The Mill Cafe - Thornbury

Outstanding food. Really beautiful restaurant. Kinda meh service.

I’ve been going for years now in the summer and the food never lets me down. Their chicken pot pie (though not really a summer dish, is it?) is the best I’ve had. Their crab cakes are stupidly good. I love the respect and freshness and glamour they give casual food. Never been for dinner but I know the menu gets a little more upscale. Not that lunch isn’t.

Anyone else been and enjoyed?

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  1. The Mill is OK but they now have serious competition from much fancier Largo with excellent food and a nice patio with a view.

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      Yeah. Largo is located where Harbour Hill Pavillion was many years ago, which I loved way back when. The patio and view are superb but Largo’s menu looked kinda boring, and way overpriced. That said, I haven’t been. It’s probably good but the menu needs some life injected into it and a marked down price list.