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Aug 30, 2007 01:00 PM

Shoo fly pie

Where can I find a good shoo fly pie in center city? The last time the craving struck, I went to Beiler's, but they said they didn't carry them. Strange - the RTM website says they do.

My dad found awesome shoofly pies and pecan pies early this summer from some Amish selling them on a street corner near the Eastern State Penitentiary, but I don't know when they are there.

I want to pick one up this Saturday. Any ideas? Should I try Beiler's again? I'd prefer not to drive.

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  1. On Saturday try the Farmer's Market on the N. side of Rittenhouse Square, or the one on the east side of Fitler Square. (Maybe also the market in Headhouse, but I haven't been to that one yet).

    1. I've definitely seen them at Beiler's and I've also seen them being sold at the Fisher's pretzels stand. I'd give the RTM one more try.

      1. Thanks - I stopped by the farmers market in Rittenhouse, but didn't see any pies. Both Beiler's and Fisher's had shoo fly pies on Saturday. I guess when I asked before at Beiler's, I misunderstood and they were simply sold out for the day.

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          I am almost certain that they have this pie at RTM--the Amish bakery.

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            I know they have it at Fisher's in the Reading Terminal Market (on the side across from the Dutch Eating Place), and probably have it a Beiler's at the market too.

            1. re: bluehensfan

              As I said above: Both Beiler's and Fisher's had shoo fly pies on Saturday.

              Beiler's and Fisher's are both at the RTM.