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Aug 30, 2007 12:28 PM

recipes to help out elderly neighbor?

An elderly neighbor (whom I do not know except to wave hello), is recovering from a stroke and in need of some food assistance. I have offered to help another neighbor who does know him, with some easy meals. I don't think he can cut anything well, so the food I have sent over this week was easy to eat with just a fork or spoon. He can use the microwave to warm things up, and I would like to make a few things that he can eat for a couple of meals. Does anyone have any simple, easy to prepare ideas? I did send over 2 pasta options and a quiche, which he evidently liked. Thanks!

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  1. What a nice idea! I immediately thought of pasta too, manicotti made with crepes instead of pasta which are very soft and easy to eat. How about going with simple old time classics like chicken pot pie or tuna casserole? Actually any number of casseroles can be easily eaten.

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      Tuna casserole; I have never made that, believe it or not! Sounds like a good one.

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        How lovely of you! I was taking care of my Mom post-surgery recently and made this Epicurious Tuna Noodle Casserole:

        I tweaked it a bit. Added garlic, used Parmesan as well as cheddar, used Panko instead of bread crumbs. My mother liked it so much she asked me to make two of them before I left and freeze individual portions. She said it froze and heated up in the microwave just beautifully. I hadn't made tuna noodle casserole in decades, but this was a real winner.

    2. The panade in the Zuni cookbook is awfully good.

      Mac and cheese casserole (not the gooey stovetop kind)

      Chicken salad

      The chicken enchilada recipe posted on the "substitute for tomatillos" thread. Shred the chicken extra fine.

      Meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

      1. Ahh...such a mensch.

        Chicken broccoli casserole comes to mind. Can be made as easy or as gourmet as you like. I'll list the easy version, you can gourmet it up as you desire:

        pre-cooked chopped chicken
        chopped steamed broccoli

        mix cream of chicken soup w/sour cream and a splash of milk, pour over layers
        top w/breadcrumbs or dry stuffing mixed with melted butter
        bake @ 350 for 35-45 minutes depending on size

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          That sounds like a good one and I can put it in a tin foil pan and not have to worry about getting back my casserole dishes. thanks.

        2. Not sure where you are, so weather could factor into the choices sent over, but perhaps beef stew and boiled potatoes and carrots? Easily reheatable in the microwave.

          Chicken Paprikash (serve over egg noodles).

          Or a hearty soup of some sort - beef vegetable, pea, lentil.

          Another pasta casserole type meal, but a different take on it (to which you could add cooked chicken) is Spinach Cabrini: The additional notes at that link are mine (looks like someone copied/pasted directly from a post I made on an AOL cooking board).

          1. That is so nice of you. I recently brought dinner to a sick former colleague - went with Cajun meatloaf that I cut the spice way down on and mashed potatoes and steam broccoli. Also threw in a batch of fudge! The great thing about meatloaf is you can have it cold for sandwiches if that appeals.