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Aug 30, 2007 12:22 PM

Best cheapo restaurant in Arlington?

I'm taking nominations!

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  1. Either Thai Moon, Sala Thai, or Sweet Chilis, IMO (all Thai restaurants!).

    1. Blue Ribbon... hands down, yeah!

      1. Jade Garden on Mass. Ave has a cheap Chinese all you can eat lunch buffet. I think it's around $7.

        1. Thai Moon, Chai Cafe, Nicola Pizza. I've been told that A&A subs are great, but I've never tried them.

          Za is a nice low-cost option too....

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          1. re: Bluebell

            I had lunch at Za yesterday on the way back from the Arlington Farmers' Market, and it was delicious. Pizza and salad for three with a cup of coffee and a soft drink each came to $30 before tip. I had the fig/carmelized onion/gorgonzola pizza and the beet/orange/goat cheese/tarragon/microgreens salad, and it was delicious. ALSO to the other current thread about eating locally - ZA is committed to sourcing as much local product as possible. They give you a card at the end of the meal that lists their local vendors. Verrill Farms is the top supplier. Very yummy and satisfying meal. I loved the thinnish crust.

            1. re: Bluebell

              A&A has gone downhill a bit, IMO. I used to go there all the time; not so much anymore...

            2. I can't remember the name of the restaurant in Arlington Heights, but it is operated by the former chef of the Green Street Grill. It is on the left hand side of Mass Avenue heading towards Lexington. Good food, reasonable prices and BYOB.

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              1. re: kate used to be 50

                It's called Something Savory. Haven't been, but I heard it's terrific.

                1. re: hiddenboston

                  I've eaten there a few times. I wouldn't say it was terrific. It's fine. I'm glad it's there because that area needs a place to get a decent sandwich.

                  1. re: subito

                    Their sandwiches have wowed me less than other stuff. Try the conch stew. Although I wouldn't call the place cheapo. Chai Cafe would be cheapo.

                2. re: kate used to be 50

                  I would second this place whose name I also couldn't remember but looked up . It's called Something Savory. Tasty inexpensive and nice people.