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What's the last restaurant you ate at?

I ate at Fetch on Tues night. It's a cute place; the walls are covered with pictures of dogs. They have live jazz that night. I had the Philly Cheese Steak Egg rolls (Total guilty pleasure food! Yum!!), the Penne w/Pesto & Chicken and Bella's Blood Orange & Passionfruit Martini.

The food was good, the service was friendly, and the atmosphere was laid-back.

I'd go back there....

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  1. I ate at Pylos on Saturday night for dinner...yummmmmm!
    Tonight is Los Dos Molinos

    1. I ate at Intermezzo on Eighth Ave. in Chelsea yesterday for their $9.95 lunch. Pretty good deal. You get a salad or soup and a bowl of pasta that is quite fine. For a couple of extra dollars, you can get a regular entree. I had the penne puttanesca and a salad.

      Today, I had lunch at the Subway near my office. True story!

      202 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011

      1. Pies 'n Thighs in Brooklyn (351 Kent Ave. @ South 5th under the Williamsburg bridge). I had the pulled pork - very tasty, well cooked meat, but a bit on the vinegary side. AMAZING sweet tea, mac 'n cheese, and since it's attached to a bar you can grab a beer before heading for the outdoor seating. If you don't like hot sauce tell them to hold it b/c they will douse it on the mac. Can't wait to go back for brisket, apple pie and more sweet tea!!!

        1. We ate at Maremma on W 10th Street Thursday night. Food was fabulous. All the pasta is hand made, fresh! Great service and excellent sommelier.

          I'd go back anytime.. even alone and eat at the bar.

          1. I dined at db Bistro Moderne on Tuesday night, and was mostly underwhelmed by the signature burger. Fries were also on the cold side. I have to say I was somewhat disappointed, especially after having a really lovely meal at Cafe Boulud earlier this summer and hearing such high praise for the burger. Eating at Per Se tonight for the first time - can't wait!

            1. If mobile restaurants count, I ate at the Chelsea taco truck last night. The last stationary place I ate was Mole on Saturday. Tonight I want to go to Momofuku or Pistahan, but will likely end up just eating at home.

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                OMG! Where is the Chelsea Taco Truck??? Sounds like I MUST go!

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                  It's usually parked on the corner of 8th Ave and 14th late night. Either in front of Associated or next to Nickel. If you think La Esquina is good, wait til you try the carne asada here!

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                    AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks. Can't wait to check it out.

              2. My very last restaurant was take-out from Dishes a few hours ago. It's a pretty good version of the usual hot food/salad/sandwich kind of lunch place with an upscale skew.

                The last sit-in restaurant was last night, Taqueria Coatzingo in Jackson Heights as a pre-US Open dinner. Incredibly authentic Mexican food. Had been hearing a lot about the place and finally tried it. It was good but not out of this world.

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                  glad you enjoyed Coatzingo. It's my favorite Mexican.

                2. went to moustache for the first time on tuesday night. service was comically bad but expected. the merguez sandwich more than made up for it...quite yummy.

                  1. We at at Casimir on ave B last night for a late dinner after my evening classes. I had the roast chicken w/ mashed potatoes, which was very good, though I would have enjoyed more of the garlicy gravy. Husband had the Hamburger New Orleans, which was truly rare, and had a tasty mayo sauce and bacon. It was tasty and big. Service was fine. wines by the glass are very limited, but I like the beer selection.

                    and I ate at Benny's Burritos for lunch today. I like the veggie bean chili nachos, which get pretty soggy for delivery, so it was a treat to enjoy them fresh w/ a lemonade :)

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                      the service at casimir always turned me off.

                      1. momofuo ssam. holy crap it was awesome, though a bit overpriced.

                        1. Last time I ate out was Sunday: Mesa Grill for brunch, drinks at the Modern Bar and Spitzer's Tavern, Stanton Social for dinner and a late night peice of cake at Gramercy Tavern.

                          Now I'm fat and broke. That was a great day though :)

                          1. I ate at Toon's for great thai food

                            1. I had bone marrow, foie gras terrine at Landmarc (Tribeca) last night. Mostly because it was close to my office. ;)

                              1. Pylos Saturday night (consistently delicious), Reservoir (yuck! on Tuesday afternoon, when will Cedar re-open?), a snack at Meade's on Monday afternoon.

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                                    Cedar is no longer. It is being replaced by condos.

                                    But I just got back from Reservoir and I wish the kitchen was open when I got there - because I just love their gravy cheese fires. I wish I had some now. Bummer.

                                    But as far as the last restaurant I ate at? I dined at both Boqueria and Borough Food & Drink tonight. Boqueria - super tasty as always. Borough - great cheese plate, can't remember what else I ate (which is always a bad sign).

                                    Still wish I had gravy cheese fries from Reservoir.

                                1. I ate at Po last night. Really yummy roasted beets, pasta with veal ragu and strawberry with ricotta gelato. Sunday lunch was a yummy grilled ham and cheese with apples at Starwich. Their sandwiches are above the rest. Have not tried Witchcraft yet to compare.

                                  1. Had a bowl of wonton soup at New Wonton Garden and then went to New Green Bo and ate some of an over-rice dish (twice cooked pork, which was really good and sauteed with cabbage and shiitakes) but could only eat about half. Whatever. It was $3.75!

                                    1. Cheese burger, medium rare with fried onions at Waterfront Ale House on 30th and 2nd. And I had plenty of Sams Famous Hot Sauce (and beer) to go along with the waffle fries..

                                      1. Joya on Court St. for thai. Very good. We sat in the outdoor patio which is very nice and more quiet than the party inside. Whole bass with red curry was good and the mussels thai style were great (both specials). I should have asked them to go a little more spicy though, but that was my fault. I know Joya gets mixed reviews here, but it's a great cheap meal.

                                        1. Sadly, Max Brenner in Union Square - had to appease out-of-town relatives. Still, the veggie burger is surprisingly good, if overpriced: homemade, with a decent brioche bun.

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                                          1. SriPraPhai in Woodside. OMG, it was delicious. Never knew it existed until i saw it on chowhound. We had: fish cake & noodle with coconut curry spicy sauce,
                                            Softshell crab with pumpkin & pineapple in coconut sauce, (the BEST dish)
                                            mussels in lemongrass & lime,
                                            whole fish with ginger.
                                            Dessert: coconut ice cream inside the frozen coconut, peanuts on top.
                                            We sat outside, there's a garden patio. It was lovely!

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                                              what type of cuisine is this restaurant and any other recommended dishes???

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                                                It's thai. Last week was my first time ever, so i haven't tried anything other than what is shown in the pic. The softshell crab with pineapple & coconut was unforgettable. I will definetly be back!

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                                                How does one get there, say from Union Sq. or Astor Place? Is it the 6 that goes there? I am hellbent to try it, since I've studied up on it on this board.

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                                                  I thought everyone here knew about Sripraphai, but for those who haven't, here's the New York Times review

                                                  from Union Square, take the R train to 65th and walk towards the elevated train tracks on Roosevelt.

                                                2. Caffe Linda on East 49th. Pretty good meal, but the waitress was a little ditzy.

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                                                    Just back from Sushi of Gari (W.46th branch)...sat in front of the master himself, and once again sent to sushi heaven. (3rd time in Gari-ville). Melt-in-mouth amazing, freshest fish, creamy rice, and creative/inspired little feasts to contemplate. Ex: red snapper topped with mesclun salad, toasted pine nuts and lotus root. No one in his league....incl. my six visits to Japan.

                                                  2. I like this post because I'm seeing a lot of places not usually mentioned on Chowhound. My last meal was yesterday at Alto, for the last day of the amazing $24 lunch. The main course: a skin-on big filet of sea bass surrounded by a tart broth made with clams and possibly verbena. Excellent. Before Alto, LIttle Pepper (Xiao La Jiao). Before that, Cafe Boulud. Before that, Ocean Jewels. Before that, Taqueria Coatzingo. Before that, New Big Wang. Before that I dont remember but it was good. I love New York!!

                                                    1. stumbled into company bar in theeast village the other night. had the pork belly buns and the greenmarket quesadilla. really good.

                                                      1. In Manhattan? Setagaya Ramen, followed by a few choice tidbits a few hours later at Chiyono on east 6th. I highly recommend both, but not necessarily on the same day(Ramen, especially with extra chashu and noodles, doesn't leave room for much else. Chiyono, as my wife and I agreed, is best experienced on an empty stomach).

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                                                          Yesterday, at Fleur de Sel. We had the tasting menu. Very Good. Best dishes: the pork belly and the lamb shank. Most unimpressive dish: striped bass. The wine was very good. And the desserts were OUTSTANDING.

                                                        2. Hmm...Brunch at Henry's on Saturday, Dragon roll at Sushi a Go Go Friday night, Malaysian at Nyonya on Thursday...

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                                                            The yakitori place near the corner of 3rd on St. Marks. I never remember the name.

                                                            Is there anything better than a skewer of chicken skin and livers and a plate of kimchi udon washed down with a cold beer?

                                                          2. Sat nite-Degustation-very good, would go back
                                                            Sunday-Katina's-Park slope diner for breakfast-good and reasonable
                                                            Monday lunch-David Burke's at Bloomingdales-Tuna nd salmon tartare-one of the best I ever had. Then the Kobe beef hot dog-it was so huge it was obscene-ate every bit of it!!
                                                            Mon. nite-Quartorze-always consistently good-i had too many martinis to remember what i ate!! oy!