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Aug 30, 2007 11:09 AM

Best Middles Eastern Restaurants In E. Lakeview

Here I go, my favorites in order

1) ZAD- Broadway- just north of Barry- Best Hummous in the city- very authentic, smooth, and garlicky- I'm also a fan of their Chicken Taouk- The sandwich is a steal for $5:00 and the entree portion at $10:00 is enough for 2 meals- The chicken is tender and nicely seasoned on the spit- Tabouli is a little heavy on the parsley- would prefer more bulghur
This place is a nice addition to the neighborhood

2) Casbah- also on Broadway, just South of Belmont- small space, great restaurant for a date, a bit on the pricier side for dinner, but the food is very high quality and has some classical french overtones- food is nicely seasoned, and the chef-owner is very personable- restaurant attracts a lot of regulars- it's a great choice for fine dining in an area known as a "culinary wasteland"

3) Sinbads' on Belmont- they just opened another location on Clark, just north of Eatzi's-
This is the most economical of the 4 restaurants, and their food rocks for the price- I've long since given up on Gyro's for their Kefta Kabob- though I wonder which is the lesser of 2 evils in the cholesterol dept.... Their falafel is tops, and a great tabouli salad-

4) Aladins Cafe on Diversey- Great location, but driest pita bread I have ever eaten- some dishes are hits, some are misses- Falafel is excellent, but I've had it served overdone on occasion- I found the Manager to be brusque when i questioned a charge for hummous on a sandwich added on to the bill ( when the meu indicated it was included) , so I'm in no
hurry to rush back

I haven't been to Cousin's on Broadway in years( next to my favorite Pizzeria, Renaldi's) , so any comments on this restaurant or the above are appreciated

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  1. I love cousins. I go about once a month, whenever we catch a movie at Landmark

    1. I like Pars Cove. I love their baba ganoush. They don't put excessive amounts of lemon juice in their baba ganoush and hummous like a lot of places do. I also like Cousin's.

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        I wasn't blown away by Pars Cove- however, I only ate there once. Has anyone been there since the Taste of Chicago "scandal"?

        1. re: blondie60614

          I ate at Pars one week before the Taste of Chicago fiasco. I've tried it many times over the years and think both the service and food at
          Pars Cove is mediocre at best and so is the food at Zinbad, Casbah, and Aladdin. The original Aladdin (now defunct and no relation to the one on Diversey) on Lincoln one block nouth of Fullerton was far better. The owner/cook Muhammad used to be the cook at 1000 knights on Sedgwick.
          I second your rec for Babylon on Damen. Have you tried the Chicken or beef sharwma? Hmm, tasty stuff!
          I think that Zad on Broadway is quite good as well. The restaurant is for sale.
          Al Kayamen on Kedzie serves very good Lebenese food.
          The new Afghan Restaurant; Afgan Cuisine on Montrose at Elston is quite good too.

      2. All decent choices, but the best Middle Eastern food in town is just ten minutes by car at Maza at 2748 N. Lincoln.

        1. I also like Babylon on Damen

          1. I prefer Turkish Cuisine in Edgewater to Cousins on Broadway. I haven't tried the newest Cousins on Irving Park in Independence Park.

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              Note that the Cousins on Irving Park Road has gone through several iterations of menu and owners over the last several years and now specializes in raw food.

              Cousin's Incredible Vitality
              3038 W. Irving Park Road

              1. re: Eldon Kreider

                Hmm, interesting. I'm not sure if I should drop everything and make a trip over there or just skip it altogether.