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Aug 30, 2007 10:54 AM

25th anniversary A.C. Please help!

Meeting some friends for a couple of days in Atlanntic City. They will be celebrating their 25th while we're there.

Want to take them someplace good - not gourmet. Their tastes are simplier. Would like some chowhound recs.

I know one night will be at Angelo's Fairmount Tavern - and White House subs will be going home.

The places I'm looking at are Girasole, Knife and Fork, The Dock - local places - BYOB is OK. We'll have a car. I've heard a lot about Chef Vola but don't travel with a lot of cash so credit cards are a must. Also casual - none of us do dress-up - especially on vacation.

Chowhounds always steers me in the right direction - my New England trip a couple of weeks ago was almost all chowhound recs - and we ate well!


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  1. The Dock is a very good choice for a special dinner.

    If you find yourselves at the Borgata at lunchtime one day, they have decent, cheap food in the downstairs foodcourt, including a Tony Luke's (roast pork sandwich with provolone and greens).

    If you are on the boardwalk and want to eat well at a non-casino-affiliated place, the Opa Grill is right on the boardwalk in between the hotels. They have good saganaki and excellent lamb chops.

    But I wouldn't miss the White House for either one. Enjoy.

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    1. re: seal

      Thanks Seal,
      I could do the White House every day.
      I know I've passed Opa Grill - may be a lunch stop between casino - we're staying at Showboat but I really enjoy gambling at Tropicano - so we get the walks in and always need some rest!

      1. re: joeysmom220

        Chef Vola. Best Italian you will ever eat. BYO, and amazing.

        1. re: aacharya

          If the OP is really worried about carrying cash, there are at least four different ATMs within three blocks of Chef Vola's. You are depriving yourself of one of the truly great dining experiences over a relatively trivial matter.

          1. re: tubman

            Can someone explain the abbreviation "OP"? Sorry, I'm new to the boards here.

    2. From what you've described it sounds like you might like Carmine's at the Tropicana Quarter. Italian cuisine, family style service, large portions, a lot of people like it.

      Chef Vola's is OK, like going to someone's house for dinner. They don't advertise or even have a sign on the restaurant. I think they are cash only, though

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      1. re: Rocket88

        I find it hard to believe that you think Chef Vola is "okay". Have you eaten there?

        1. re: aacharya

          Yes, of course I've eaten there or I wouldn't have said it was OK. I don't think the food is all that special. I 'd say the charm is in the atmosphere and decor. I'm not knocking it, and I think for the OP it would be a nice choice. It's good, not gourmet, and is definately a unique place, although she specified Credit Cards a must.

          Actually I find it hard to believe you think it's the "Best Italian you will ever eat", although I see you recommend it regularly.

          You're not Chef Vola, are you? ;>

      2. What can anyone tell me about Old Waterway Inn? Found some good reviews but wanted to know 1st hand.

        1. Dock's Oyster House ( is a go to place for classic seafood, fish, and steaks. Definitely appropriate for a special occasion.