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Aug 30, 2007 10:51 AM

Stella or Bayona

Which one and why?

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  1. Both! But Bayona is more consistent... and it's almost courtyard season!

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          I recently went there with a pretty high profile group...someone who takes his New Orleans dining experiences VERY seriously. Everyone in the industry there knows abt this guy and prepares for his visits. It was us abt 8 of us...they had us wait too long for our table (that was a bad choice). It was the first meal (out of many) that we were disappointed in. Susan was there, and actually cooked and served for us. We even had one of their chefs sitting with us that night. My pork (and the other person that ordered too) was over cooked and very tough ( what accompanied it was not a good match up). No one else at the table was really impressed with theirs either. The sommelier was nervous...spilt wine everywhere...waiters were tentative as well. This was right after they got blasted by the GQ article too. You would have thought they'd be out to prove something. In my humble opinion...Susan was on the top of her one point years ago. But since then, I think Bayona (her main focus) has fallen off a bit. Unfortunately our night there was a bit of a train wreck. But I believe your just not likely to be blow away there anymore. Atmosphere is beautiful...staff is is still a good restaurant...but others have passed it up.
          Our meal that same week at Stella was : Flawless
          And honestly before that...I wasn't all that crazy about's very conscious food. Sometimes I'm not crazy abt all the Asian influence. It's just an odd pairing in New Orleans. But I was schooled. and put in my place. I applaud Scott and his artistry.

          (btw...I'm a local born and raised...seems i need to reiterate that on this site often)

          1. re: jamielynn

            Ah-yes, the stella asian influence. Shark fin soup anyone?

    1. Not a fair choice. The strenghts of the two places are completely different. Bayona is classic -- not in a Commander's or Galatoire's sense -- but in the sense that it has been turning out fresh, inventive and tasty food over 15 years. And there's a certain warmth to the place that keeps many of us coming back over and over again.

      Stella, by comparison, is a relative newcomer (although still over six years old), takes more chances and offers more surprises. Fortunately, most of those surprises are good. Between the two, I view Bayona as a safer bet, but Stella can wow you in a way that Bayona usually does not.

      You're not going to go wrong with either.

      1. Stella. Better, more creative cuisine. Four of us dined at Bayonna ( pre-K) apps through dessert and the concensus was bland, boring food. None would return.

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          Stella is definitely where it's at. Just get out the $$$$

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