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Aug 30, 2007 10:50 AM

Pareve English Muffins?

Is there such a thing? I know it's traditional to make them with milk, but I was wondering if anyone makes a pareve version and if more than one makes it, whose is the best! TIA.

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  1. Thomas's English Muffins are Parve, but are made on dairy equipment.

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      If what you say is true and they're dairy equipment, that means they're dairy, not pareve. They can't be eaten with fleishigs. More importantly, I'm not sure the status of a previously pareve toaster used to toast the muffins. But in any case, I thought Thomas's had whey in the ingredients. Could be wrong, but short of asking the mashgiach, it's hard to know the "equipment" status of OU products, since the OU doesn't hold by "equipment" labeling .

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        The Thomas's English Muffins in our bread drawer right now have nonfat milk in the ingredients. They are clearly labeled OU-D. Perhaps there are others that are non-dairy, but these are clearly not.

      2. ShopRite and Weightwatchers make a pareve low fat muffin; they're tasteless, but when you're on a diet, you get used to it.

        1. You can get pareve english muffins from Pathmark
          Thomas's is better but pareve is better than nothing
          Shana Tova

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Rudy's Organics makes a great english muffin , also Cobblestone Mill