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Aug 30, 2007 10:41 AM

Red Fire Farm CSA

This has been our first season using a CSA and wonder if anyone else has used Red Fire and what their experiences are. I have been very happy with the quality of the produce and look forward to every Wed when I head to JP for the pick up. We have a mystery dinner that night depending on what the bounty includes. From being introduced to garlic scapes to cutting up fennel in last night's salad, it's been a great experience.


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  1. This is also our first season with Red Fire Farm. It's been pretty good so far; I've been very happy with the quantity--abundant, sometimes overly so (4.5 lbs of cucumbers one week, if I recall correctly). And mostly happy with the quality. The cucumbers and tomatoes are awesome, as are most of the leafy greens. The garlic has also been great. The one thing I have not been especially pleased with is the corn--we always seem to get mostly really rough cobs that were obviously attacked by something.

    Last year we used Bay End Farm, and although you get much less quantity, they have a bigger selection of produce--a wide variety of asian greens, several different kinds of heirloom tomatoes, etc. Plus, a small bouquet of flowers with each share, which was a nice touch. I would have gone with Bay End Farm again, but they were full by the time we signed up--and they are actually the ones who recommended Red Fire.

    Next year, I'm not sure. I like both CSAs, for different reasons. Perhaps I'll have to flip a coin or something--or try a different one altogether?