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Aug 30, 2007 10:39 AM

JK @ Gardiner

just back from lunch at JK at the gardiner ceramics museum. It is a very sexy room but felt a bit cold as it has huge high ceilings and windows but few people inside. It was only half full on a beautiful sunny Thursday at 12:30.

I started with a cocktail and ordered the fries (of course) and the hallibut hopper. The fries as always were overly salted. The fish was beautifully cooked and a nice portion but I found the fresh herbs overpowered the dish so much that I could not taste much else including the extra condiments that they provide to be added. Service was good but a bit cold, not many smiles from the staff but they were quick and efficient.

With one cocktail the bill came to $32 before tip which I thought was a bit high (fries should not be $7)..

I would go back for dinner where I think the room would have a better feel in the dark for a quiet romantic dinner..

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  1. It does seem a couple of dollars high...Last time I was there I thought the fries were $5-when did they raise the price?

    1. i was there earlier this month for lunch and it was delicious. the fries were a bit over salted, but that's how i perfer my fries. it was $5 when i had it.

      the room in general was really nice. the service, like you said, was a little bit "cold" but still very efficent and effective. i would definitely return soon.

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        I just checked with Maria, the Manager up there...

        Fries are $5 as they always have been.

        1. re: Non Doctor

          my mistake then.. I did not take the bill with me, it must have been the cocktail that was $7... but the total for the 1 drink, fries and hallibut hooper was still $32 which for lunch is a bit high...

      2. Has anyone been for dinner? I'm going in a couple of weeks and just looks like a prix fixe meal? I love the food at his other restaurants, so I have high hopes.

        1. I've been there a few times for lunch and have enjoyed the food (the pate is to die for...) but I have always been dissatisfied with the service. I agree with the "cold" feeling you mentioned OnDaGo.

          1. We were there for the first time a couple of weekends ago. Food was very good including the fries (yes, $5). Had the vegetarian hopper and open face beef sandwich. Prices reflect the quality. Service was friendly. Space is airy and I think dinner would be quite romantic. It was pretty busy when we were there. I suspect it wasnt as busy on a Thurs at lunch as a) its the Thursday before Labour Day weekend when many people are going away for long weekend and/or focused on back to school, and b) the restaurant in the other cultural institution across the street is relatively new and a hit.