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Any ideas for a creamy cheesy pasta?

My wife loves to eat pasta which are cheesy and creamy. I know how to make an alfredo based pasta, but I want to cook her something different! What other types of creamy and cheesy pasta can I make for her?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Lasagna, manicotti, mac-n-cheese...

    1. A carbonara is really simple and tasty. It's been talked about a lot here (I vote for the non-cream version):


      A favorite of mine is paglia e fieno, similiar to the alfredo with bacon and peas. I don't usually follow a recipe but something like this:


      1. I just love Giada De Laurentis' recipe for Lasagna Rolls -- cheesy, creamy, delicious, easy to prepare (although somewhat time consuming), killer presentation. Go to foodnetwork.com and search on Lasagna Rolls.

          1. I enjoy cheesy & creamy pasta too. One of my tricks which I do for a hot pasta dish as well as pasta salad is using Goat Cheese (Chevre). I cook up the pasta al dente and while hot toss it with goat cheese. For a hot dish I might include: chopped tomatoes or pesto or some garlic oil...just be creative.

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              don't laugh, but whipped cream cheese tossed with hot pasta makes a quick and easy cream sauce IMO. Also good are those flavored cream cheese spreads (the ones in my area are CIBO brand) tossed with hot pasta.

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                I do that. About an ounce of cream cheese and a bit of cream for two servings of pasta. Saute chicken and mushrooms, maybe some onion, garlic of course, some herbs that sound good, maybe a little wine, then when the chicken is cooked add the cooked pasta to the pan, then the room temp cream cheese and a bit of cream and stir it on low heat. When it's creamy and not too runny serve right away.

            2. She might like risotto with parmesan. The rice has a naturally creamy texture to it already.

              1. My husband sometimes makes a dish called Penne Gratin out of a cookbook we have. It involves a lot of parmesan, heavy cream, and pancetta.

                There was a similar, but healthier, recipe in Cooking Light magazine called Penne with Pancetta, Spinach, and Buttery Crumb Topping. I haven't tried it, but it looks good. The recipe is at myrecipes.com.

                1. One of my favorite recipes is a creamy sauce with Parmesan and white wine. Gosh, I love the taste of white wine (or sherry, or port) in sauces. I made a spaghetti with chicken and mushrooms in this sauce. Simply cube the chicken and slice mushrooms. Heat olive oil in pan and add chicken, mushrooms and chopped onion. Remove from pan and crank the heat up. Add wine to deglaze and reduce. Add a bit of chicken stock and finish with cream and maybe bit of butter if you want. Throw in grated parm. Stir together. Return chicken and mushrooms to pan. Add cooked spaghetti and allow them to marry a bit. Serve with more grated parmesan.
                  So easy, you can't beat it!


                  1. I frequently have cravings for gooey, cheesy pasta. I love lasagna, but for a quick after work meal I sometimes will throw together a skillet lasagna like http://www.recipezaar.com/57677 or a tortellini bake like http://www.recipezaar.com/96925.

                    1. Does she like gorgonzola? I've done a nice sauce that is similar to an alfredo base, but you stir in gorgonzola instead of parmesan. This is good with walnuts, peas and/or asparagus thrown in.

                      1. Cavatelli & broccoli with a buttery, cheesey garlic sauce is oh so good.
                        If you can find fresh or frozen cavatelli go for it the dried has a completely different outcome. Steam or roast the broccoli beforehand and toss into the pasta. Then make yourself a delicious italian cheese/garlic sauce to pour over all. Heaven!

                        1. shred some mozzarella, fontina, gorgonzola...pretty much any italian cheeses you can find, heat up some cream then add the cheeses as it simmers. toss in some italian sausage and penne...mission accomplished

                          1. I'm usually more of a creamy, cheesy type pasta while my boyfriend is more of a red sauce kind of guy but I often make Italian mac and cheese that satisfies us both. I think its delish and its even great reheated.

                            It's pretty easy and by now I don't look at a recipe. Usually I use ziti or rigatoni. Saute up some sausage ( I used italian chicken sausage) and set aside then saute garlic and sliced mushrooms in olive oil until soft, sprinkle on some flour and cook a bit more while stirring. Add in chicken stock and milk (or cream) and bring to a boil. Then add in a can of diced tomatoes that have been drained. Add cheese (I like a lot of cheese so I used about 2 8 oz. bags or so) any mix will do. I love fontina, a little smoked gouda, some parmesan but cheddar or whatever you like will do. Add back in the sausage and then stir in your cooked pasta and serve.
                            Here is the original recipe but its relatively easy to tweak. Its one of my favorites.


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                              I agree with mac and cheese. Our recipe is pretty basic - cook and drain your pasta well, melt butter in a large pot, add flour to make a simple thickener, add milk to make the basic sauce (you can impress your wife by telling her this is a Bechemal sauce), and then we stir in shredded cheddar (now it's a Mornay sauce), pour all that over cooked pasta in an oven-safe dish, and bake at 325 until the top is crusty.

                              But our twist is the salsa we make. We chop up tomatoes, and a bit of onion (about 1/4 the amount of tomatoes), and add vinegar and minced coriander. It should be relatively thick, so the amount of vinegar you add depends on how juicy your tomatoes are. If I'm using Roma (plum), I'll have to add more; if I'm using fresh Beefsteak, I'll add less. You need to let it sit for half-an-hour or so to let the flavours meld. I never add salt, but some other family members do.

                              The sharpness of the salsa contrasts really well with the creaminess of the pasta.
                              And the timing is pretty easy - make the salsa to give it resting time while at the same time you put your water on to boil. When it boils, toss in your pasta, and preheat the oven. While the pasta is cooking, make the cheese sauce (I'm assuming you'll use pre-grated cheese; otherwise you have to grate it first, which I'd do before starting the salsa.) Your pasta should be cooked before the sauce is fully thickened, and it's important to drain it well. I spend a few minutes going back and forth between the sink and stove, shaking the pasta and stirring the sauce. Then I dump the pasta into a buttered baking dish, dump the sauce on top, and pop it in the oven. That gives you a few minutes to wash the sauce pot (dried cheese sauce is no fun to get out!). When the pasta appears coloured and crispy on top, it's ready. Bon appetit!

                            2. Good suggestions here, I'd only add that you should get some Taleggio cheese and experiment. It's the most wonderful soft melty cheese. You can cut it into slices and add to hot pasta and it will melt on contact. Might be good on pasta tossed in oil with herbs and/or pancetta, or with vegetables.

                              1. Here's one that is just delicious, and very, very simple:

                                Cottage cheese (about 2 cups)
                                Fresh basil (from the garden if possible -- mmmmmm)
                                Zest of two lemons
                                Toasted Pine Nuts

                                My mom made this last night and we were *gobbling it up*

                                I do this with orzo too: orzo, cottage cheese, scallions, peas, lemon zest, LOTS of black pepper and Parmesan. The peas add sweetness.

                                Ooeey gooeeey magic.

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                                  Thank you for that! I was starting to gain weight just reading this thread and I really like how healthy and flavorful this looks. Do you blend the cottage cheese first to get a creamy consistency or do you just mix it all with the cooked pasta and let it ooze all over itself?

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                                    You guessed it --no need to blend first. Just mix once cooked, and watch it ooze. It really became so melty! The freshly-picked basil and the toasty-toasty pine nuts really set off that lemon.

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                                    Just out of curiosity, why use cottage cheese and not ricotta?

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                                      I'm not sure exactly... it's lighter, a different texture and flavor. The cottage cheese almost dissolves, leaving creaminess behind, but more of a hint than the punch of ricotta. I just reheated the leftovers of this the other night -- still excellent, and my mom sampled some cold and thinks it works cold too.

                                  3. Garlicky Creamy Ricotta Cheese Sauce over orichiette and spinach is so delicious and so easy...

                                    1. Another good Giada recipe is the Farmer's Pasta. It has 4 cheeses and pancetta.

                                      1. My pasta w/ four cheeses...
                                        Favorite marinara sauce with mozzarella, fontina, romano, and ricotta... Upon serving dollop more ricotta over the tops and sprinkle with chiffonades of basil.

                                        1. She will love this: for six people, pour a pint of heavy cream into a sauce pan and reduce by at least two thirds with a 2 inch by one inch piece of lemon zest (no pith), a few sprigs of fresh thyme, and 2 or 3 garlic cloves that have had the tops and bottom bits removed, and then cut each in half. They can go right in there with any papers that are still clinging to the clove. Add a little pinch of salt, but not too much at this point, since you are reducing the liquid. The heat should be very low, and rest your wooden spoon across the pan to help keep the cream from over boiling.
                                          When you dip a wooden spoon into the sauce, and it will hold the track of your finger as you drag it across the spoon, and the garlic is completely soft, it's ready. Taste for salt and add a little freshly ground black pepper. Strain through a fine sieve, pushing the garlic, so as much goes through as possible. Prep a tablespoon of fresh parsley by chopping it pretty finely, and wash and spink dry a handful of fresh basil ( you are going to tear this in.) Zest a little more lemon over the fine holes over a grater, maybe half a teaspoon. Grate about half a cup of Grana Padano parmesan. Get about 9 ounces of pasta going in boiling, salted water, and cook until al dente, when the sauce is ready. Drain it really well. Add enough sauce, as soon as the pasta is done, to coat well. Stir in the cheese and the herbs and the grated zest.

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                                            The Williams Sonoma Pasta Cookbook has a great recipe for Baked Ziti. It calls for ricotta, I used fresh and it turned out fantastic. I loved the way the top went all crunchy and inside it was rich and creamy. Two words - yum, me!!!

                                          2. Thank you all for your wonderfull ideas!!
                                            I finally made my wife pasta yesterday and It came out really creamy and tasty!! She just loved it!!
                                            Thought I would share the recipe -
                                            sauted garlic and shallots in olive oil. added chopped baby bellas. Once the mushroom softened up a bit, added some flour and mixed it up in the mushroom and shallots and garlic. Then added some white wine and cooked the entire thing till I reduced the wine. Then added vegetable broth and cream and let it reduce for a few minutes. I then added half a can of diced tomatoes and some itallian seasoning and salt to taste. Once the entire sauce looked together, I added crumbled gorgonzolla cheese, some grated smoked gouda cheese and grated parmessan cheese.
                                            I finally mixed this into farfalle I had cooked earlier before starting the sauce. The dish looked heavenly and the combination of the three cheeses was just so tasty!!

                                            am gonna try a ricotta cheese based sauce next time ;)