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Aug 30, 2007 10:36 AM

Any ideas for a creamy cheesy pasta?

My wife loves to eat pasta which are cheesy and creamy. I know how to make an alfredo based pasta, but I want to cook her something different! What other types of creamy and cheesy pasta can I make for her?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Lasagna, manicotti, mac-n-cheese...

    1. A carbonara is really simple and tasty. It's been talked about a lot here (I vote for the non-cream version):

      A favorite of mine is paglia e fieno, similiar to the alfredo with bacon and peas. I don't usually follow a recipe but something like this:

      1. I just love Giada De Laurentis' recipe for Lasagna Rolls -- cheesy, creamy, delicious, easy to prepare (although somewhat time consuming), killer presentation. Go to and search on Lasagna Rolls.

          1. I enjoy cheesy & creamy pasta too. One of my tricks which I do for a hot pasta dish as well as pasta salad is using Goat Cheese (Chevre). I cook up the pasta al dente and while hot toss it with goat cheese. For a hot dish I might include: chopped tomatoes or pesto or some garlic oil...just be creative.

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              don't laugh, but whipped cream cheese tossed with hot pasta makes a quick and easy cream sauce IMO. Also good are those flavored cream cheese spreads (the ones in my area are CIBO brand) tossed with hot pasta.

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                I do that. About an ounce of cream cheese and a bit of cream for two servings of pasta. Saute chicken and mushrooms, maybe some onion, garlic of course, some herbs that sound good, maybe a little wine, then when the chicken is cooked add the cooked pasta to the pan, then the room temp cream cheese and a bit of cream and stir it on low heat. When it's creamy and not too runny serve right away.