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Aug 30, 2007 10:34 AM

Dried out Cheese

I cleaned out my fridge the yesterday and in the back of one of the drawers I found a package of pre sliced monterey jack cheese that I bought a couple of months ago, used two slices and forgot about. The slices are all dried out now, but not moldy at all. Is there anything I can use it for? It's not a "great" cheese, but I hate to throw out food if it can be used.

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  1. Not sure how much you have but a good way to use over-the-hill cheese or left over bits and pieces is fromage fort, the way the French have done it forever. Makes a great cheese spread by chopping it fine (you can mix varieties) and adding a bit of wine, garlic if you like and whatever herbs strike your fancy. The frugal French would never waste! Neither should you.

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      1. I toss it into a tomato sauce and let it break down

        1. I'd probably grind it in my food processor and use it in a cheese sauce with some other cheese for more interest.

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            I've had that happen to me. I ground it up, put it in a zip plastic bag, in the freezer, (just in case) and sent it to work with my husband in winter when he'd be having soup for lunch, so he could add some to his soup. It was a lot cheaper and tastier than the dried so-called cheddar from the grocery store in the shaker containers.


          2. Save it in the freezer, than when you have enough, make "100 cheese fondue"...

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              humm... i wonder if aunt betty still has her fondue pot.....

              will it keep indefinately? how do i know (without getting a bad mouthful) when it has gone bad?

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                I just freeze it when it starts getting all dried out and icky looking. If there's pink or orange mold that shouldn't be there, cut that off. You'll generally need a bit more liquid for dried up bits than if you have lovely fresh cheese, but you can play with that. For the cheeses you describe, you might think about making a beer based fondue.

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                I like to use my left-over cheese bits and process them into a cheese spread. Alton brown did a similar spread in his cheese episode.