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stumped for dinner tonight/downtown nyc

the issue --- i need dinner for 4 tonight around 7 pm, soho, GV, west village, chelsea or flatiron. would like to stay around $40 per person including drinks if possible. one person is vegetarian. was going to do bellavitae but the last time i was there i thought it was just ok and service a bit rushed. have been spinning my wheels for 45 minutes, help!!!

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  1. Tabla Bread Bar, Indochine, Boqueria, Alta should all rise to the ocassion.

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      Haven't been to Indochine in years - how's the food these days?

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        It's not my favorite, but my vegetarian friend loves it.

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          we were just there a few weeks ago, also had not been there is ages. very comfortable, decent service, some of the food was excellent (ribs), some was so-so.

      2. Would have told you to go to Tigerland but they are closed now....my wife and i went to Sea Salt in the EV last friday night. The food was great. its Greek Seafood...you can get a whole fish prepared in the +20$ and that feeds at least two people....really fresh seafood and you get to pick it yourself, kinda like a fish market in the back..not too crowded when we went...and the price was great...we had 3 apps, a whole fish, and a nice bottle of turkish wine for $110.....it should be cheaper with more people....Kinda like a cheaper BLT FISH but just as good quality. just an idea....

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          Are they serving the "off the menu" baked fish yet? Supposedly the prep consists of covering the fish in sea salt, brushing with egg whites for a "cast" effect, and then painting the whole thing in bright colors. Sounds cool, but wasn't available when I went there a few weeks ago.

          Also, how was the service? When I visited the service was really scattered, with nervous waiters sweating and running around aimlessly. Weird.

        2. Markt, Crispo, Via Emilia, Gonzo, Kittichai, Otto, Los Dos Molinos

          1. Markt is a great idea. I love Alta, but I think more than 1 drink each would put you over budget.

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              Alta has a very reasonable wine list. I've had a generous dinner for two with wine come out to $35pp. When I get onto their terrific specialty drinks, that's when the trouble begins.

            2. Crispo. Very good; right price range. Interesting decor in the back room.

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                Great choice --- so good, in fact, that they are booked!

              2. Piadina - 57 W 10th. Authentic, simple, incredible italian food. charming basement atmosphere, with good looking italian waiters, and decent wine - 26 bucks will get you a huge carafe of their house red. I have been going there for years and it's one of my favorites.

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                  Crispo fills all your requisites.

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                    Crispo was excellent...everything was on point...(very good bone marrow) and the price was right....wondered why my wife and I had never been there before???

                2. I recently went to Bar Stuzzichini with 2 friends and we had 2 bottles of wine, 3 appetizers, pasta, and a main course each for only about $55/person. It's close to Madison Square Park and the food is really delicious.

                  Also, you could try Da Andrea in the west village on Hudson. There is no reservations, but tables usually move quickly and I've never waited very long. Everything is very inexpensive, including the suprisingly good house wine. If you go, try the Proscuitto Flat Buns - they are delicious!!