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Aug 30, 2007 10:20 AM

Olives in Astoria

Where are there amazing olives to buy by the lb? I know this is greek central...but I need to get some food for a bbq on sunday.

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  1. Mediterranean Foods, just off 30th ave on 34th? street.

    1. Titan foods on 31st st, the Napoli or whatever olives, with lemon and garlic, are incredibly cheap and tasty.

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      1. re: Widmark

        Big, big, big second for the Titans rec. If you're a fan of Grilled Octopus, there's is some of the best.

        1. re: NYEpicuriosity

          They have grilled octopus there? I've just seen the marinated octopus and that is my favorite. I'm excited to see.

          As for olives, Titan foods and then Euro Mart too... on 31st Street a little bit south of 30th Ave.