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Aug 30, 2007 10:07 AM

Recs for Little Owl?

Going there for the first time tonight. A quick scan of the board and other foodie blogs says the sliders, pork chop, crispy chicken and raspberry beignets are the way to go. What say you all, Hounds?

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  1. I went there for the first time about two weeks ago with my boyfriend. We had the arugula and peaches salad, the sliders, the pork chop, and the halibut. All were excellent, although we weren't wowed by the sliders. Maybe we were expecting something out of this world because of the hype; they were really good, but we both agreed they weren't the best part of the meal. I think that distinction would likely go to the halibut, which came with a great pea-and-corn salad and pesto (and I'm not a huge pesto fan) and was perfect for a hot summer evening.

    1. Definitely yes to the pork chop. I've also liked the fish preparations I've tried. Sliders are good but not really my thing. I really enjoyed a scallop app I had once. Raspberry beignets are a bit heavy. Fruit crumbles/tarts are my favorite desserts at Little Owl.

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        I went a couple of months ago with my girlfriend. The place is great. We had the sliders which are really good and the heirloom tomato and onion salad. Both were very good, and a nice way to start. Then we split the pork chop (which is huge) and got a side of grilled asparagus. The pork chop is a must, the chicken also looked good. We finished with the beignets which I really liked, mostly because of the warm nutella.

      2. Great food, the only thing I would not order again is the Meat Ball Sliders, it's nothing special and I found them bland. Everything else we had was outstanding. I loved the scallops and the halibut. The others at our table were all raving about their meals so you can't go wrong, whatever you order.

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          Can you just walk in without a reservation and actually be seated?

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            you can but this place seems to have the west village mesmerized...waits are usually ridiculously long. i ate here once at 10:30pm...luckily it actually worked out.

            the sliders...yes, not so great...also pretty messy if yr on a date. the pork chop was good...nothing amazing.

            but the place works...service is friendly, nice space...just what everyone wants...a great little restaurant in the west village with solid food.

            get the strawberry rhubarb crisp if they have it.

            1. re: deitcja

              Sure, why not. Maybe it's not as easy around the prime dinner hours but early or late (9PM) no problem. There is a pub around the corner (2 minute walk) for a cocktail while you're waiting for your table.

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                Yes, but you have to get there ridiculously early. They reserve all tables except two tables for two each night, so you've got a chance to get one of those if you get there before 6 or so. They open at 5pm for dinner, so my boyfriend and I were there by 5:10 and were seated immediately.

                1. re: deitcja

                  Not to mention that it seems to seat about 30 max, and that includes a few seats at the bar.

                  If you really REALLY want to eat there, just go on OpenTable and search for next available, around midnight. You'll find a few tables for 5:30/6pm and 9/9:30pm approximately a month in advance.

                  1. re: kathryn

                    Are you talking about weekends?
                    We walked in a few weeks back on a Tuesday night at approximately 8:45, the place was packed and we had no reservation.
                    The hostess told us to come back in about 45 minutes. We went for a couple of drinks and when we came back we were promptly seated.

                    1. re: fatboy44

                      I grabbed a Sunday evening slot a while back by hitting up OpenTable at the right time, I think.

              2. On 3 previous occasions and i either ordered either that superb pork chop or the good, juicy roast chicken. Then 2 weeks ago, I went for the halibut dish and they didn't miss a beat. That was a very nice fish dish.

                I agree that the scallops appetizers are pretty good, too.

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                1. re: RCC

                  Just to report back - we got the sliders and the cavatelli. I really liked both - the cavatelli being quite special. We really loved the courteous, laid-back, and friendly service. The halibut was a winner - I found the pork chop to be good but quite overwhelming. Dessert was the beignets, mint tea, and a glass of blackberry cava. I'll definitely come back and try other things!

                  1. re: BaronessCore

                    How was the cavatelli prepared since it was "quite special" I'd be curious to know?

                    1. re: jdream

                      Bacon and tomato broth, light touches of ricotta. Very tasty - the broth was perfect to sop up with bread, and the cavatelli was perfectly al dente. Great mixture of flavors and texture.

                2. I had the lemonade here during brunch a few weekends ago -- very, very good. Possibly the best in the city?