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Aug 30, 2007 09:46 AM

silly burrata question

just curious... the skin around the fresh burrata. Do you throw that away or can you eat? and how would you serve it?

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  1. Curious? When you say skin are you talking the leaf it is wrapped in?

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      i think by skin you mean the thick part of the cheese......and yes you can eat it. i won't let a drop of burrata go to waste. you can offer it up on breads, little toasts with a tomato etc but one very nice way is to get those thin soft sheets called carta di musica - almost like an unleavened bread, you heat them up, they come out warm and crisp and serve the burrata on that. all melts in your mouth.

    2. unless i am misunderstanding you, the skin is mozzarella, and the interior is a cultured cream/soft cheese. eat it ALL...mmmm...burrata.

      1. Burrata should not have a skin. Sometimes is comes wrapped in leaves. It's just ball of mozzarella with cream and more mozz bits inside.

        1. It develops that "mozzarella" skin when it sits around too long. When burrata is fresh there is no skin like that. It should be a consistent, creamy texture.

          1. Melt it or eat it fresh!