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Aug 30, 2007 09:19 AM

Michael Jackson RIP

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  1. very sad to hear. he was a real inspiration to me and many others as a great educator and advocate of beer and spirits. the offerings on the shelves of our stores would be much smaller and less interesting if it wasn't for him. i think too few people realize how many breweries and distilleries he personally had a hand in saving from ruin.

    1. I'm very sad to hear this. I remember that an article of his which appeared in Malt Advocate several months ago had a different tone to it; he discussed, without self-pity, his battle with Parkinson's disease. If it weren't for Michael Jackson's books and articles, I'd have been fairly lost when it came to exploring good beer when I started to do so in the late 80s. And of course, MJ had been doing his inspiring writing on beer since well before that. What a loss to the world of beer appreciation.

      1. I have a copy of his "Beer Companion" by my bedside, and enjoy his insightful descriptions before drifting off. As Kenji said, his observations have helped guide me in the development of my beer palate, and I thank him for that.

        Oktoberfest is just beginning here in Colorado and will continue through September. I'll be sure to raise a stein in his honor this weekend.

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            MJ was a wonderful man, with kindness to match his writing talent. I miss him very much.

          2. I was shocked to read news of his death a day ago. RIP Sir.

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              I'm really sorry I missed this thread (condolences to Jim Dorsch, who was really close with Michael). FYI, see this: