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Brookline Family Restaurant?

Thinking of going to Brookline Family Restaurant tonight. What do you recommend? Do they serve wine, beer alcohol? Is there parking nearby? Any info on this place would be appreciated.

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  1. i like the adana kebab platter--though i haven't exactly explored the menu there, so i don't have much to compare it to. don't know about alcohol. the couple times i've been there have been later in the evening on a weekday, and street parking was very easy.

    1. They definitely have beer and wine, not sure about liquor. Parking is pretty easy further back on Washington (near the library).

      Brookline Family Restaurant
      305 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445

      1. One of my favorite inexpensive restaurants in Greater Boston!

        It's all good, but I especially like the lahmacun (spicy lamb flatbread), mucver (zucchini/feta fritters), doner kebap (like gyro, but with a proper char), hunkar begendi (aka Sultan's Delight, lamb stew on eggplant puree), kunefe (a dessert, kind of like honey-soaked Shredded Wheat), Turkish coffee, ayran (a bit like salty lassi).

        Portions are huge. Be careful not to fill up on the complimentary fassooleeye piaz (cannellini bean salad); it's awesome. They have beer and wine (nothing special). It's a very casual place, used to be a pizza joint long ago (then a Greek place). Enjoy!

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          second doner kebap and hunkar begendi. try uludag or turk cola in addition to the beer and wine

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            Note to those who haven't tried it: Uludag is a soda for those who like that bubblegum type weird fake-fruit-flavor type foreign soda.

        2. I just want to second the other posters above me. This is one of those restaurants that I need to go to more often. My favorites have already been mentioned (the doner kebab, sultan's delight, and, when I am in an indecisive mood, the adana kebab).

          Next time I go, I am going to definitely try the lahmacun as MC Slim JB recommends.

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            I had expected the lahmacun to be like an Armenian lamejun of the sort I'm used to getting in Watertown bakeries, sort of like a wheat-flour tortilla with a fine mince of lamb on top. But Brookline Family's is more like a thin-crust pizza, much thicker than a lamejun. I'm thinking it might be leavened with yeast.

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              Thank you everyone for the responses!

          2. In addition to the recs mentioned already, I like the iman bayildi "the swooning iman" -- stuffed eggplant; and also the kofte (turkish meatballs). Good bread too.

              1. Don't get the tripe soup (no flavor), the kebabs are great, the swordfish isn't very good, the desserts are great, especially the pudding-filled phyllo.

                1. We just ate at Brookline Family Restaurant last week and had a great meal. We loved the complimentary canelli bean salad and the bread. We also ordered the imam biyaldi. Traditionally, this is served at room temperature, but ours was warm in some places and cold in others...very bizarre..almost like they had microwaved it for a few seconds. It still tasted good, but not as good as when I make it at home. ;)

                  My husband ordered the adana kebab and loved it. I ordered the lamb with okra and was very pleased. The portions on the entrees are VERY generous.

                  We finished up with a rice pudding, which we very quickly gobbled up.

                  1. For those who are fans of the Doner, I would also recommend the Iskender Kebob, which is basically the Doner with a tomato-yogurt sauce. I like the nice crisp on the Doner but sometimes I find it just a bit dry, so the sauce helps. As mentioned beer and wine available, the Turkish coffee is great but be careful, it is unfiltered so tread lightly towards the bottom of the small cup.

                    A friend of mine one got the "Turkish Sausage Pita" which is found under the Turkish Pizza section. It's almost more like a deconstructed calzone, I didn't try it but it looked very hearty and was monstrous.

                    1. I enjoy their Manti and Beyti when I get dinner there. They do serve wine and beer, but it's a pretty limited selection. I usually park on Davis Ave. and it's literally right around the corner. No meter to worry about and plenty of spaces.

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                        I didn't even notice they have mantı... are they the "proper" super tiny kind? Sometimes I'll make those at home but of course it's very labor-intensive.

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                          I actually stopped by last night because this thread got me in the mood for it and it wasn't on the menu. I asked the waitress about it and she told me that it may come back another time. When I did have it there last (April), it was on the smaller size, but by no means as small or as good as what I've had in Turkey.

                      2. I have enjoyed exploring the specials menu and trying out anything that sounds good. It usually is. The desserts are all superb, especially the baklava and the kunefe (shredded white cheese on shredded wheat, baked under the oven and served up with honey) and the Turkish coffee is authentic. They have a modest beer list (Efes, the Turkish fair-to-middling pilsner and a few domestics), a few wines which I believe are mostly Turkish. As far as liquor, they do carry Yeni Raki (another nationwide brand of anise spirit similar to ouzo), didn't pay attention to what else was there, but there is definitely a full liquor license.

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                          We also love the adana kebab; I prefer it with the bulgar and rice pilafs, but the bread cube with sauce version is more unusual if you want something different. We always get the appetizer sampler as well, with various things each time. Everything is good, but we especially like the zucchini fritters (mucver?) and the tomato-less eggplant dip. As we eat every bit of the free bean salad (don't order bean-y things with your appetizer sampler), the kebab plate and the apps fill up three people and we still have leftovers for lunch the next day.

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                            We went last night and followed most of the suggestions. Loved the complimentary bean salad- thought it was the best thing. We had the mucveh (zucchini fritters); hoummos, an okra appetizer which was very good and the lamejun (turkish pizza) which was the only thing we did not like- soft and floppy with lamb topping that had no taste. HAd the doner kebab, adena kebab, sultan's delight. All very good. Like the rice pilaf bout found the bulgar tasteless. Oh, and the bread was excellent. Dessert- the shredded wheat thing (kataiifi is Greek name) was ok , baklava very dried and awful- but I make my own and find most don;t compare. Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions. PS the chardonnay from Chili and the Shiraz were very cheap ($4.95 a glass) and tasty.

                        2. Vegetarians may like the grape leaves sandwich. It's made on Turkish bread, is very tasty and quite large.