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Aug 30, 2007 08:34 AM

Just moved to Forest Hills--Looking for recommendations

I just moved to Forest Hills and am looking for the must-try restaurants in and near the neighborhood. I've been to several on or near Austin St -- Habana, Peking Duck Forest, Mardis Gras, Portofino. Are there any others I should definitely check out? Looking for any type of cuisine, any price range.

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  1. Forest Hills is close to Jackson Heights, Elmhurst and Woodside. There are some great restuarants in those neighborhoods. Ask around.

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      I just moved out after living there 3 years. There really isn't a must-try restaurant in Forest Hills proper, although as poster above pointed out, there's plenty a few neighborhoods away. Here are the places in the immediate area that I frequented:

      On the Grill--Shwarma/Israeli on south side of QB off 67th Ave heading west--excellent shwarma and other assorted goodies.

      Mickey's Sushi--south side of QB off 67th Ave heading east--great sushi

      Salute: Uzbeki/Buchari on 108 street and low 60's. There are a few other paces on 108 street with similar cuisine that I never tried, but are apparently just as good as salute.

      Nick's Pizza--Austin Street

      Thai Austin--little place on Austin across from movie theater--hidden gem--loved the place, hope it's still in business

      Leo's Latticine aka Mama's: On 104th and 50 something avenue--do a search on chowhound, you'll find exact address, accessible via 108 street bus (i had car) for an unbelievable Italian deli, with top notch fresh mozzarelle--I guess this place is the must-try, although not in FH...

      Carmel: on 108 and low 60's--the best nuts, seeds, dried fruit...I miss that place.

      Ben's Best--63rd and QB--Kosher deli--I've had many chef salads with chopped liver on top..and don't forget to get a dog in hand while waiting for your order.

      i guess there's more than I give the neighborhood credit for--enjoy

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        you should def try a search first. here are some helpful threads, all from popping in forest hills in the search function:

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          I can't think of any "must have's" in Forest Hills and I've been living here for 20 years. Most of the places on the list above are fine, although it includes Rego Park and Corona. You can skip "Mickey's Place" though. While they do serve excellent sushi, they've lost their lease and are moving to Bayside.

      2. I posted to one of the threads Linda mentioned above - and my recs still hold. At that time I had only lived in FH for a few months but now nearly a year after moving to the area, I still feel pretty disappointed by the local food choices (and by that I mean ones you can easily walk to around Austin St or QB). It's a good neighborhood for some things, but food isn't exactly one of them.

        A few things I'd add to my original recs which I don't think I listed - Mood in Kew Gardens, our neighbor to the east - has a very good modern American restaurant called Mood. Most times the place is empty - especially for lunch and I've never seen it more than half full at dinner. But the food is well prepared so I keep coming back. Service can be slow but not terrible. They have an incredible cheeseburger - one that I put in the same league as my other favorites like Shake Shack and Waterfront Ale House.

        Kew Gardens also has an excellent independent movie theater but the best part is the popcorn - it's excellent!

        I also like DB Wine Bar on Metropolitan. It's probably the only modern restaurant in Forest Hills and has very good food and a nice wine list.

        Where I think that Forest Hills lacks in restaurants, I think their food shopping choices are great. I moved from Park Slope where I had a lot of great shops and hoped I would find the same here and I have. All on Austin St - Forest Hills Fishery is a great high quality fish shop, Cheese of the World has a great selection and knowledgeable staff, the Natural is good for everyday shopping and on the other end closer to Yellowstone is Organic Forever with a good selection of natural/organic products.

        Around the corner from the Natural on Ascan is Bonelle Bakery which is my favorite bakery in the area. Yes one of the sisters who owns the place is cranky. But they make amazing fruit tarts and cakes.

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        1. No "superstar" restaurants in FH, at least the Austin Street-Queens Boulevard part, but that said, I agree with the suggestions of trying Leo's at 46-02 104th Street, Corona, and Ben's Best on Queens Boulevard, in Rego Park. Get some of the fresh pasta products at the pasta shop next door, run by the same family. Manicotti is just great and all you need is some sauce and a salad and it's instant easy dinner. Then there's always the knishes at Knish Nosh, also on Queens Boulevard, in Rego Park. If you need a diner with everything but the kitchen sink, try the Georgia Diner, on Queens Boulevard, I think in Elmhurst. The produce at Natural is the best in the area. I had hoped that Martha's Country Bakery would be a really good, old-fashioned bakery, but after sampling some cookies and a few other things, not so great, definitely better than Broadway Bakery, though that's not saying much. While Bonelle is the best bakery in the area, it's not an old-style bakery that sells good danish, coffee cakes, cookies, breads and rolls. Oh, I forgot. Haven't been there in quite awhile, but The Family used to be great red-sauce Italian. Anyone know how it's been since the change in owners a year or two ago?

          1. My FH faves are:

            Thai Austin
            Nick's Pizza
            DB Wine Bar

            1. Don't go to P.J.'s steak house!